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Friday, October 1, 2010

Smell of Smoke, Crunch of Leaves

Hello October
 Where did you come from?

What happened to September? It seems I went to bed on August 31st and woke up on October 1st. Where did the time go? I think perhaps I live in a black hole and it periodically eats my time. That must be it.

This is our easing into it month. The between time. Buffering for a moment the long stretch ahead. The frozen time. Like the squirrels, we start to gather and store for the time ahead of us. We are not so far removed from our beginning, our bodies tell us to store calories to ensure our survival over the frozen days; the urge is strong and deeply rooted in our northern DNA. I find comfort in this. It is my location in life which has helped get me to my plump self. That must be it.

So it starts. The maple trees are ablaze with their fiery glory. The ivy is burning red along the fence. The roses are having their last hurrah before the frost touches their blossoms, telling them it's time for bed. And I enjoy the in between. Knowing what is coming; savoring what is now. Eating mashed potatoes and gravy. Baking bread. Life can be good. That must be it.


  1. Beautiful thoughts. As much as I love the autumn and all entails, the winter dreads arrive about now. Funny, I have always loved the winter, too. It's just too damned long.

    This year I am having my cake and eating it, too. I'll be heading south before I have to face the cold, dark winter blues.

  2. I have been wondering the same thing about September. Really about the whole summer.

  3. Save some of those rose petals if you have some rhubarb left. Nana's rhubarb and rose petal jam recipe is going to be typed maybe tomorrow and shared as always.

    Still a bit woozy, but I am getting up and about. Exhausted most of all, depressed because there are a million things I want to do and the darn meds are creating havoc in some areas and so, more time is spent in a beautiful building with kind and gentle people who poke you and probe you to death - I don't mean that literally - and then I am too tired to think, leave aside to write.

    Yes, I too feel the fragrance of Autumn in the air and the colors are rapidly changing and I am going to get up now and go downstairs where Matthew is planting the new Santa Rosa plum and check things inside the greenhouses - yes, two now - and try to take some photos to share on the blog tonight. Miss you and our political mutual comforting.
    Of which we need much I am sure...sigh.

  4. Ah, the wonderful "Indian Summer" we are experiencing has made it possible for me to put off the winter dreads for another month yea! Yes, life is good. And you've made me hungry...again!

  5. Yes. And I can almost taste those mashed potatoes and gravy!

  6. gsc, I'm so glad you got back to Mass. for the autumn. Not something you get in dirtville.

    Jill, we had a terrible summer, so I am appreciating the mild weather.

    Allegra, I am so happy to hear from you. It will be good to have you back and have you well. I will save some rose petals. Hopefully you can spend some time outside with your plants today.

    Missy, thank you!

    Deb, I seem to be hungry all of the time in the fall. I guess it is the survival instinct. : )

    Elizabeth, I have had mashed potatoes and gravy twice in a week. Cool weather and the comfort of hot food.

  7. It' s a chilly rainy fall Sunday morning.
    And I am suddenly in love with the colours and the hunkering down.
    But I don't want the actually , you know, winter that follows.

    sure, it can be beautiful and cozy , but it's too long.

    I do love cooking comfort foods in the cold months though, simmering and steaming up the kitchen. Whic is tricky in our kind of open concept place... ;)
    I have less kidlets home to eat and can' t seem to make smaller portions, so I'll have to start freezing some to give to my son when he visits.

  8. deb, I love the beginning of winter. It's the middle and end I don't love so much!

    I also love the foods I consider winter food. That is why I am doomed to portliness. *sigh*


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