Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Thursday, December 16, 2010


It is what we have.
It really is beautiful. I know there are those of you out there whom have never experienced winter as I know it. The frozen landscape is foreign, as recognizable as the terra of the moon. This year, as I am struggling with sadness I find the beauty of my landscape comforting. There is a peace about it which slows my mind a bit and causes me to stop fretting for a time. It allows for the quiet joy of watching the horses, tails up, prancing and snorting as they make their way through the deep, fluffy whiteness of their pastures. I laugh out loud when they come to the gate wanting in, faces covered with snow from rooting around in it like small children.

I believe I will put up a Christmas tree this year. I have displayed my little collection of nutcrackers, which has sparked an interest in decorating. Even a heathen such as myself can enjoy a pretty tree. Today seems perfect for venturing out to the tree lot in the small town a couple of miles from home. We are having a beautiful snowfall, everything is covered in down. Straight out of a Currier & Ives print.

Enough of my dusty musings, it's time to get myself up and out to face the day. The good part is, I get to watch those marvelous beasts play like happy children as they romp in the new snow. They really are amazing; they notice everything and they will know the snow is fresh and ripe for rolling about in. Then jumping up and chasing the nearest victim, just because.


  1. How wonderful that we have these precious animals who show us the way. This heathen enjoys the glitter of a tree and the sweet laughter of little ones around it.
    Hope you continue to let the beauty around you support you through the down times. You really do live right in the middle of a Currier & Ives scape - and are blessed by such a privilege. May your spirits lift in the new year dear Sandra.

  2. Yours is a winter wonderland. So glad you are enjoying the scenery, and feeling reflective rather than sad. I'm a heathen with a Christmas tree too. I love the lights and the twinkly things. It makes me happy. Hope your tree makes you happy too. Stay warm, and thanks for the mental image of the horses frolicking in the snow.

  3. A site I would love to see, the frolicking and playing. The snow is peaceful and calming, I hope that will give you comfort. A fresh cut tree, how lovely!

  4. Our four legged companions have much to teach the human race. Ling in and enjoying the moment is something Stumpy reminds me of, many times daily!

    I do miss the winter wonderland part of winter (for about 10 minutes, every winter)

    YES! VIDEO! I'd love video of your horses frolicking!

  5. Bonnie: I have visited a couple of blogs over the past days which have been the right place to be at the right moment. Yours' being one of them, and I have thought about letting go. Things have changed and I, as an individual, no longer have the impact I felt I once had, so it is better for my own well-being to simply live the life I have, while I have it. I did buy a small tree. I will feel happy putting it up and decorating it. That's a start!

    Mel: it sure is wintry! I like twinkly thinks too.

    Judy: My trees have gotten smaller over the years. Somehow I am not interesting climbing ladders to decorate. My dogs and horses like the snow. Silly Arabians!

    gsc: isn't it the truth. The problem is, we usually don't listen to them. It is a good thing Stumpy is not mine, since I think she is the cutest dog ever. She would walk over me like a rug!

  6. I may like twinkly thinks, but I also like twinkly things!

    And I am not interesting climbing ladders, anymore than I am interested in climbing them.

    Sheesh, I haven't even had a glass of wine yet!

  7. "Silver white winters that melt into spring..these are a few of my favorite things...When I'm feeling sad....." That song has been playing in my head for days now...Think it will cheer you too?


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