Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Monday, December 20, 2010

Up A Tree

Or is it the tree is up.....finally.
The little tree is brought in and placed in the stand. Some of my blogging friends have been doing tree posts, so I thought I would as well.
How much easier this is than those very tall trees I used to buy. No falling over. No fights. No muss, no fuss. Sometimes a person does get wiser with age, but what I really think it is, is the body starts to refuse and the mind just has to finally give in. But getting wiser seems a good cover for getting old!
Howard is keeping a vigil. He doesn't want to miss Santa Claus and the bag of biscuits. I told him it's too soon, but he wants to be thorough.

I am done. It took me days to get this little tree finished.

It's snowing again. If you don't hear from me, I'm buried under a mountain of snow. Actually I am buried with work, so I won't be around for a little while. I need to get myself caught up, as the weather and the approaching holiday have overwhelmed my life. See you in a few.


  1. Love it! After a childhood of Christmas in Summer, snow in the background is to me akin to a mantle of diamonds in your adorable tree.

    I am with you about big trees. I nearly didn't put one up this year.
    Overwhelmed and overtired I just wanted some silence and some quiet. But life goes on and my wishes are often secondary to me than what needs to be done. D$%#@$@@ upbringing! I could do with a little slacking personally...and so could you.

    Merry Christmas in spite of everything that seems to confabulate to make that difficult.
    I wish you that and so many other things you already know about. As ReneƩ used to say "together strong" as in the marches, we shall overcome, and we will take back what counts. Hugging you and wishing some joy for both of you at home.

  2. you are loved, Sandra.
    no obligations.

    Love that you tinsel, I might start using it again.

  3. I sure hope you get to enjoy tea and something tasty while basking in the soft light of your pretty tree.

    Love the picture to the left of the tree! More info, please!

  4. It's perfectly lovely. And I wish you a merry christmas and happy new year if you're not "back" by then.

  5. I'm with Howard....he is so cute! The tree is just beautiful...I miss a fresh cut tree and the wonderful smell.

  6. Oh thank you for sharing your tree with me. I loved the surprise of seeing it decorated in stages. Tickled me to pieces! It is truly a delight. No tree here yet. Was waiting for my girl to get home from school. She may be snowed in until the 24th! Will have to reevaluate. Blessings Sandra.


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