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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Short Read

Put in a nutshell, why I am so very sad.



  1. I really know better than to read stuff like that. It deflates me, physically, emotionally and mentally.

    Gives Me Hope

  2. The article itself does not make me sad. It is the laundry list included within the article which makes me sad.

    I am a pragmatist and when I see Rome is burning, I can't fiddle. Unfortunately, I can't put the fire out either. So I am sad, knowing life as most of us have known it is going to change.

  3. A good article - I always enjoy Taibi. Bernie Sanders and most Vermonters are great liberal, independent spirits. It is bizarre and totally baffling to see what is happening in the US ... and as you say sad and demoralizing. But to be overcome by our sadness does not help the state of the world nor us.

    I am reading a good book by Joanna Macy and Molly Young-Brown entitled, "Coming Back To Life". The back cover says it is about how to deal with the pain that we feel for the world - pain that sometimes prevents us from acting on its behalf. Perhaps you might enjoy it too.

  4. Bonnie: I like him too. I used to enjoy him on Bill Maher, but I don't get HBO anymore. He is a straight shooter.

    I usually don't read self-help books, but I think I may take your advice on this book. The disaster brewing in the US is getting me down. Who knew 2 years ago that we were actually voting in another Republican president.


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