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Monday, December 13, 2010

My Land, Wish It Were Your Land?

What I did on Sunday. ALL DAY. A couple of feet of snow that needed to be cleared while the wind hitting my poor old self was -30 F. It's not all soup and bread!

And this is what money going up in smoke looks like. Vapor from the furnace. It was -10 this morning, but it feels brutal. Happy Days on the Farm!


  1. Oh my! We have snow but not this much!!! Stay warm!

  2. Brrrr. You certainly earned your soup!!! You've had a brutal winter already ... and it's just begun! Hope you have a warm, cozy, relaxing Christmas Sandra.

  3. Will you feel better knowing I am wandering around in a t shirt and shorts? It's only 60ish here, but I declare anything over 50 shorts weather, and over 60 t shirt!

    No? You don't feel better, yet?

    If I tell you your snow is reeeeeeeal pretty?


    Seriously, i can envy you all summer, but not once the snow flies. You've got my sympathy!

  4. Oh, my gosh. I have no pretenses that it's all soup and bread -- now way! And while I'm admiring your fortitude, I'm thankful that it's not me doing all that shoveling! Please take care and stay warm --

  5. Missy, that's some snow, isn't it!

    Bonnie, it has been the kind of winter we used to have. It can stop now. : ) I have not given Christmas a thought, oh dear.

    gsc, No, not better. I've got some tea to go with that sympathy. ; )

    Elizabeth, I've got fortitude all right, but I dare say I am lacking sense! I don't shovel, I have a skid loader. This time I really needed a plow on the tractor.

  6. Got a good chuckle out of your 'it's not all soup and bread' line! Mountains and mountains of snow! Amazing...and the cold makes it stay and stay! Here in Colorado we get snow, but the sun comes out the next day and melts it away, so we have mud! Hope you are taking good care and staying well. I want more soup and bread pics! Still thinking about Sunday cooking posts?

  7. Deb, in MN if you have melt, you inevitably get ice. So once it's cold, it's best it stays that way! We are supposed to get 4 more inches overnight. Let's hope not. I am still planning on the Sunday cooking posts. I have been waylaid by illness and injury. And now I am very busy with too much to do in too little time. Work sometimes gets in the way of play! Next month, when I hope to be on as even a keel as I can get.


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