Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And the Sun Revolves Around the Earth

I have never, in my memory, watched a Republican debate. I did tonight. Oh my eyes, my burning eyes.

I came away with a firm understanding, based on the studies I have read, which say we are wired, at birth, in how we view society and our role in it. Now I understand, I comprehend, at a visceral level, that there are people born to swallow bullshit.


  1. Hokum, myth making and lies ... the essence of politics. Unfortunately, Repug voters gladly believe the nonsense fed to them by their cynical overlords (the Darth Chaneys, Rush Limbaughs, Reagans, etc.)

  2. I can't believe you'd subject yourself to that. But if it inspired that last awesome sentence -- well, then I guess it was worth it.

    I posted a link on my blog to an incredibly long but informative, albeit disturbing article.

  3. Everything they say makes sense if you accept that anything wrong in this country is the direct work of the evil dictator Obama. It's amazing to me how he managed to pass all that job killing health care single handed, bypassing all the other branches of government.

    And what to do about all those illegals ruining the country? Let's round them up and put them in camps, that's worked in the past, right? The irony of all that chatter was the data that shows since our economy tanked, that problem mostly solved itself.

    I'm married to a Republican, and it is no easy thing to watch these debates with him. I could not stay in the room for more that 10 minutes at a time. At least he's a scientist and can accept the basic facts of climate change, and he's pro-choice, and against religion in politics, so I guess I can stay married to him for another 25 years.

    But as I watched them try to score points last night, I kept thinking that their brains are wired to believe their bullshit. There's a book out called The Believing Brain, the author was on the Daily Show. It all makes sense in that context. Some of us are born with thinking, reasoning brains, and others with believing brains. They can't be reasoned with, just like the Terminator. They will not stop until they destroy this country, or as they like to believe, fix it. I believe this country is headed down a dark and scary path.

  4. And then some.

    Allegra sent me here to tell you that the peach recipe is up and she wanted you to have it. I am her social secretary for the time being since she is not using her eyes these days. She will soon, we hope.
    Beautiful place you have here.



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