Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


There is beauty before we become the frozen land. The final hurrah before the white, smothering blanket lay itself over our countryside, creating a different and not entirely appreciated beauty of its own.

The leaves are changing hue and the roses are still in full glory. Everything else has gone to seed, knowing the days are short and the frost is near. Most of my life has been lived in this cycle, but I never grow tired of it, of the blazing colors of autumn, the smell of wood smoke in the air, the crunching of leaves underfoot. Every year I lay my face against the soft, wooly neck of my beautiful horses, starting to resemble wooly mammoths, smelling their wonderful horse smell and know it is just around the corner. The long, big freeze. 

Every single time, I feel a sense of anticipation and an almost childish glee with the coming of the first snowfall. It covers the ugly brown earth that is November in this place, it is the signal that we will now slow down and wait. We will eat chili and soup. There will be bread in the oven and cookies on the platter. There will also be that dreadful winter weight, but as I age, I care about that less and less. I will have my bread and cookies, I will light the fire and I will wait for spring.

But now, we have our beautiful autumn, the best time of the year in this land. It is a fleeting moment, one we grab and hold onto, pretending it will last longer than it ever does. This is how we survive.


  1. I just stumbled onto your blog through my friend Elizabeth Aquino's blog.
    I grew up in the midwest, went to college in MN. My youngest child lives in St. Paul.
    You have gorgeous horses and take wonderful photos. I had a nice read this morning through several posts. Enjoyed it all.
    Hope the naturopathic stuff is helping.

  2. Your photos are stunning. I find the writing you do of place, setting, weather, etc. wonderful and evocative --

  3. Oh Sandra! You've got some gorgeous photos here. I'm in love with the color of rose#2.
    I'm still working on making peace with winter...find I start dreading it as soon as the days start shortening...fortunately this fall is warmer than usual....yea for me!

  4. Hello Denise, it's nice to meet you! I am from St. Paul, it is a beautiful city. I am feeling better, but I don't know if it is the usual ebb & flow of my condition or if I am getting better. I hope the latter. Thanks for visiting.

    Elizabeth, it is easiest to write about what you know and I know this weather! Thank you for being so kind.

    Deb, I always anticipate winter and enjoy it for a month. Then January rolls around and I am done with it!


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