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Saturday, September 24, 2011

What It Has Come To

Can you hear me sigh? I am. And I am also having a very fine whine. The only kind of wine I will be having for a while. It seems I am polluted. Polluted and in need of detoxification. Can you imagine?
I have had muscle soreness for years, soreness which I have attributed to the work I do. Over the past couple of years I have added in stiffness. Big time. The past six months it all got together and had a party and I guess I was the guest of honor. Yippee.

Traditional medicine has not been too interested in my plight. Strange how doctors aren't terribly interested in an aging woman's maladies. The only thing offered is pharmaceuticals. I am not interested in creating more problems than I already have, so that has been a big 'no thanks'.

I will come clean, pun intended, to the fact that I have been unwell for some time. I have had days where I can barely walk, which is not a good thing when you have twenty-four horses to care for. On the better days I have tried to sneak in some work, like painting a house. Talk about high-hopes liberally sprinkled with denial. I am slow in coming to conclusions, but I eventually figured out this is not normal. And it is getting worse.

Which leads me to my day yesterday. A friend referred me to a Naturopathic Doctor her daughter used. The daughter had a terrible car accident which left her living with constant pain and headaches. Traditional medicine was not able to help, so in a last ditch effort, after years of failed treatment, she tried this doctor. She got her life back, which is what I am hoping will be my result, as well.

He used an electromagnetic machine on acupuncture pressure points to determine where my body was compromised. My connective tissues showed through the roof, which I am sadly aware of, but this is a symptom and not the cause. My liver and lymph nodes, the cleaners, are not doing their housekeeping duties as well as they should, so I am polluted. He said I probably have 40 year-old pollution. He asked if I ever worked in an industry with toxins. No, I just grew up in a period in America where we discovered the marvels of chemicals. Have a little DDT with your meatloaf?

I have to take all of that stuff to clear out the junk. The diet won't make any difference for me, as I eat whole foods anyway, but I cannot have cheese, sour cream or alcohol. Taking away my wine is pushing it, but I will behave and do what I am told. I am tired of feeling ancient.

Anyway......I may actually be back to normal. I may have the energy to intermingle on the internets. Perhaps you will hear me say, I'm back, baby! Well, at least hi.

I think I have to go swallow some stuff now.


  1. And don't forget, run at least 10 miles a day ... and do the ab crunches and weight machine. And, for goodness sakes, wear the right exercise clothing ... something expensive should do.

  2. I wish! I can barely make it to and from the barn. And my abs have not been visible for a very long time. I believe what I have is called a muffin top. : )

    In all seriousness, I am a mess. I am willing to try something outside the mainstream to get better.

  3. Sandra, I think we should compare notes. I've been struggling with muscle spasms, sore joints, headaches and a laundry bag full of life sucking problems for a few years now. I know pain meds and prozac are not the answer, and I've given up hope that my GP or any other "ist" I see has any way to improve my quality of life. It just keeps getting worse, and I keep googling things to discover that there are a lot of people struggling with undiagnosed symptoms like ours, and so far no one has a clue. So I'll be waiting for an update from you to see if detoxification helps. I keep thinking that there is something in the autoimmune or CNS system gone awry here, but nothing is indicating. I have multiple herniations and bone spurs in my neck and wonder if they are causing a cascade of problems. I'm wishing for a little more quality of life and some funtionality, as I know you must be too. We are too young to feel this old.
    Good luck and please keep us posted. Until then, I feel your pain and wish you some good days ahead.

  4. Mel, I will be sure to keep you updated. Chronic pain & fatigue can ruin a life.

  5. I have been reluctant to check in to see if the "expect to feel worse before you feel better" was true for you. Jaime reminded me that she got terribly sick the next day. It turns out that she was allergic to one of the remedies. After removing that one it wasn't so bad.

    I would be almost as happy as you if this gives you some relief! I will be next!

  6. Jean, I never did feel worse, which I am glad for. I do feel better, but I am really exhausted at the end of the day. I think it must have something to do with the junk being stirred up and removed from my body. During the day I have more energy and although I am not chipper, I am better.


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