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Thursday, September 22, 2011


There are currently, according to the 2010 US census, one in seven people living in poverty in the United States of America. When one considers how low the bar is set for determining poverty, $21, 954 for a family of four, I believe it is fair to say there are more than that living a subsistent life.

One half of one percent control forty-six percent of all wealth, while millions of people slip into poverty. The images are different, but the result is the same.

We cannot claim to be a great nation whilst we drive so many of our population to the brink of hopelessness. We have become insulated and inoculated to the needs and suffering of others as we march headlong into this unthinkable society of freedom and individuality. It never existed. It is a myth that has been repeated so many times it has become part of our cultural lore. The chasm separating myth from reality seems so great at this time in our tumultuous history, I wonder if we will be able to breach it.

This has been on my mind. I don't understand people without conscience.


  1. You always write so clearly -- and exactly -- and simply -- about what is happening.

    I have to think that the writing of it, the expression, that is shared by so many -- will eventually cause change or evolution. All things DO change --

  2. Sandra, we used to work with the homeless & it is worse even than just the poverty. Many, many homeless suffer from a mental illness. Their ability to regroup, recover & move on is greatly reduced. Of the girls we saw in the youth shelter 99.9% were sexually abused & unable to return home safely. It is a nasty vicious cycle & when we put extra stress on families by making daily expenditures beyond the reach of the ordinary person ~ well, I wonder where our hearts are, our consciences. I cannot understand the callousness towards a fellow human being.

  3. It's possible, with the radical shrinkage of the middle class, a true revolutionary movement will develop. Combine extreme wealth with large scale poverty and conditions will ferment. Our government will continue to go along with the influential (money buys power) and the poor and disenfranchised will unite with nothing to lose. Classic revolution!

  4. Elizabeth, it would be a good thing if things would change for the good. We are got in a downward spiral that seems to be self-fulfilling.

    Ganeida, callousness has become our national pass time.

    Bill, the ingredients are all there, now we need the spark.


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