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Monday, October 27, 2008

Ari Is a Genius

We took Ari instead of Zing to the lesson today. Zing was full of mud and full of himself and I had a headache and wanted the path of least resistance. Ari has not had any work put into him for 2 - 3 weeks and he was wonderful. Kristina is learning to be less 'Tin-Man' and more 'Gumby'  and it really helped Ari. Bill wants her to swivel her hips more when they are turning and not use the reins to turn. He stayed through when she got better at this. He was really lovely to watch.

Both Zing and Ari fight the canter cue. Last week Bill had Kristina get Zing to trot really big, which he can do and then some, and when he was motoring along ask him with the very slightest cue to canter. He went right into it, both sides. Bill told Kristina it isn't the canter he fights, but the cue, so get his trot big and then you don't need to cue much. The same thing was done with Ari today and it worked. Ari will rush into the canter and Bill doesn't want to see that. This really makes training so much easier.

Ari loaded today without any trouble. I had to show him the whip, but he got right in when I did. What a relief not to have loading stress!

It will be 20 days until the next lesson. Bill's schedule and ours often don't mesh, but this will give Kristina some time to work on what he showed her last week. We don't use the indoor arena except in winter, so I haven't prepared the footing for use yet. Winter came fast! The bad weather this past week kept Kristina from riding, because I haven't put myself in gear, so I need to get active. This week it will warm up and I can get the calcium chloride down and watered. I don't want either of us to die from arena lung. 


  1. I am so glad that you had a good lesson with Ari. I must be a sack of potatoes when it comes to riding. I really enjoy your descriptions of the way the horse and rider interact and how the horses move : )

  2. If you saw me ride you would feel like Olympic material! I breed 'em, feed 'em and clean up after 'em. Kristina rides 'em. : )

    Ari finally loosened up in the back and stretched his neck long the way Bill wants it. As a Baroque horse he is inclined to want to bunch up, but he needs to stretch and elongate himself and he did it today.

    Kristina is a lovely rider with an incredible seat, but she can tend to lock up and she has been taught to ride off her hands, so Bill has been working more on her lately. He said today that Ari has it, he gets it and now he wants her to catch up to him. She will.


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