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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Much Needed Fun Ahead

Today I and a group of friends are going to a nearby park to ride our horses. We all can use a stress reliever and I think this is as good as any way to accomplish this! Now my big crab Spenser needs to load into the trailer so I can have fun and not worry about riding Ari, the fussy prince.

Hopefully I will get photos. The park should be gorgeous. The fall colors this year are stunning.


  1. I have been plagued by some internet server problems lately, but today things are up and running : )

    Have a great day at the park!


  2. I've checked your blog and it has been quiet, so I thought something was up. I haven't had much going on to speak of, other than ranting and raving about current events, so it's been quiet on this end too.

    The park was beautiful, I REALLY over did it and I am paying for it. I think I can do much more than I can.

    Hopefully I'll have photos, a friend took pictures and will email them.

    Glad to see you back!


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