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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stepping Out Of The Comfort Zone

My friend Jean (I call her St. Paul Jean) has embarked on a great adventure. Jean is a member of a county mounted patrol and she has worked very hard with her horse Sinclair over the past few years to acquire the necessary skills to do this job. I have enjoyed her determination and success, sort of living vicariously through her journey. This past weekend Jean loaded Sinclair and set off for Kentucky, by herself, to attend a national symposium of mounted patrol at the Kentucky Horse Park. She will be taking advantage of every opportunity to learn while she is there. I admire her greatly for doing this, I know I would not do it, not alone. 

My stepping out of a comfort zone consisted of getting on Spenser and riding in the park! I realize how little I do that is outside of my norm. To some people handling and working with all of these horses is out of the zone, but it is my daily life and well within my comfort level. Riding in the park was not! So, then I think back to the things I used to do that I no longer will do. There's lots of things. I can only surmise that it is a result of getting older and of being rather narrow in my scope. Other than a stallion trying to break out of the trailer, I am not often challenged!! My days go on with quiet regularity, which is exactly what I want where horses are concerned. Excitement means trouble. I frankly have looked and found myself boring. : ) It's a good thing I know people like Jean who allow me to experience some adventure, even if it is at arms length. 

Have a great time Jean and give lots of reports.


  1. Hi Sandra, I am back!
    I'm sure you were following my posts- kinda like a blog.
    The hardest part was the drive, thru Chicago and all the highways have numbered names and I have a weird problem with numbers.
    I just posted my pictures and the videos are uploading now.
    Horse Illustrated was there and they got my signature on consent form so we will see if that amounts to anything...

  2. Also, I was just remembering about our ride in the park. We got back from the first loop and I thought for sure we were done.
    BUT NO!
    You were up for a second loop. You didn't just step out of your comfort zone, you stayed out.
    And didn't you feel great about it?

  3. No I didn't, I hurt like heck!! But I felt fine the next day, so then it was all good. : ) You are very brave and very determined. I want you on my side.

  4. Jean, I looked at the photos. I love the photos of Sinclair looking humiliated as he stood on the thing that looked like a rocking platform. He looked so sorry it was him! What a great boy for doing it, none of mine would consider that. I can't imagine what he thought about the giant hotdog driving by!

    You are a hero to us, AND a National winner. That is a really big accomplishment.


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