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Thursday, October 9, 2008


We all are aware of the financial turmoil in the US and the rest of the world. Many people are feeling pain and worry. Speaking in terms of TRILLION is becoming normal. Trillion has become the new billion. Our money is being used to bail out investment firms and the largest insurance company in the world. Very few citizens are pleased with this. 

So, yesterday I hear about a weeklong junket to an expensive resort for top producers for AIG. $440,000.00 of tax-payer dollars. This made me very upset. This morning I hear AIG got another 37 billion on top of the 85 billion they received last month and this bit of news is followed with the fact that AIG has another expensive junket planned and has every intention of following through with it. The CEO says it is standard practice and they intend to go forward with it, but perhaps they will reexamine their spending policies at some time in the future. Something is wrong. The culture that has developed within the monied circles is so clueless and shameless that there isn't a hint of understanding the impropriety of these actions. Business as usual, except it's now on the taxpayer's dollar instead of the shareholder's dollar.

Tuesday evening John McCain said entitlements would need to be cut. He is looking at cutting Social Security by 1.3 trillion dollars. Sorry my friends, but the fact is the entitlements are too expensive. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid just can't be funded as they should be, what can we do? Now go back and read the prior paragraph.

Stick it to the least fortunate and least likely to be able to do anything about it. This is America and we, as a body, need to feel shame.

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