Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Friday, October 23, 2009

Bug On A Pin

My slightly off-skew brain brought forth this image. To speak to the www with reckless abandon places one in a position like a bug on a pin. Open to close examination. Unlike the hapless dragonfly, we place ourselves willingly on that pin. No need to become too introspective as to ask why. 

Intellectually I know that I am not sitting at a nice wine bar in the city, talking to a good friend when I sit at my desk, merrily typing whatever comes floating into my brain at that given time.

OK, I know this intellectually, but that's where the awareness stops. Because as I am sitting in my nice office with the goldenrod colored walls and shelves and shelves of books, horse show trophies and Margaret the Cat always perched in front of my keyboard, it is so easy to feel a sense of intimacy and felicity. It truly does feel like a nice little chat.

Since it's just between us, even though we're not in that nice St. Paul wine bar I sometimes do have a glass of wine while we talk. Margaret abstains, but she will, from time to time, indulge in a little catnip. As I often tell her, most things are good in moderation. Even a little internet chat.


  1. lol This is as real as it gets for me some days! I gotta make the most of it. ☺ I do *coffee with the girls* late at night, when I finally get home from Ditz's dos, catching up before I stumble up the stairs to bed. Today I'm actually engaging with real people. Bwhahahaha.

  2. Here's a toast to you..clink, clink. Blogging does feel like you're just talking to friends...especially when you get a comment back and then smile. Have a great weekend!!

  3. Watch out Ganeida, real people are, well, REAL. Yikes!

    I'll take that toast Alicia. And the smile it brought to my face.

  4. BTW, I find if you shift your weight just a little, the pin sticking you to the chair relieves its pressure just a bit. : )

  5. damn.....got to pull that pin out of my behind....I am very aware of this feeling.....you note i havent been online in a few months. Just dealing with life. I am at a place where i need to decide some things. And next weekend is my "bad weekend" Mike passed away on Halloween the first time and they revived him only to let him go on the 1st of November. Being as I am I think this pagan really needs a drink. yep.....bug on a pin again.

  6. I feel so sorry. I can feel sympathy, but I have not been through what you have, so I can only imagine how much pain there is.

    I have noticed you have been quiet. Hopefully you will work through the issues you face.

    Pull out the pin and have the drink.

  7. Transparency is a good thing! I believe in the basic goodness of people. Haven't been too disappointed yet! I'm grateful for your 'real-ness', your honesty...it's why I read! I didn't think I'd be a follower as I know nothing about horses...but you write about so much more.

  8. Debra, some days I feel like I know nothing about horses and other days I wish I knew nothing about horses! I'm glad to have you follow. I enjoy your sense of humor.


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