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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Delicious Ending

The last of the fresh produce.

It was a great run. Now it's over, the garden is completely spent. Thank you Mother Earth for the bounty you provided.


  1. Wow. That is this vegan girl's heaven.

  2. Debra, no not soup. I put it over linguine. Very good!

    Alexandra, you don't need meat when you have chunky zucchini. We have been spoiled by the garden.

  3. Do you can? I've got a bunch of tomatoes, not sure what to do with! I love love love them!

  4. I have enjoyed seeing the bounty of your garden and what you have done with it. You also have a gift for photographing food!

    Times are changing. In years past, we would have been talking about our magnificent foals....now we are taking produce and pumpkins!

  5. Times have certainly changed. Not only would I be talking about the babies, I would be displaying their photos all over the web! As much as I miss the whole process of breeding and raising horses, I am enjoying the increased free time I have since I stopped.

    I haven't seen a magical pumpkin update for awhile.

  6. I made a beautiful ratatouille last week with the last of our zucchini and tomatoes. Yum - yours looks wonderful. (But isn't it nice to be done with it? Did you can any tomatoes or anything for the looong winter?)

  7. This look so yummy. I feel like getting a spoon and trying to eat it from my screen, even though I know that doesn't work.


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