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Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Day (Or Two) In The Life

So I think I have been busy and absent. Absent from my own blog and from the pleasant business of visiting my favorite people every day.

I have been living the life of a working homeowner and as most people know, that is a time consuming venture indeed. In addition to the job of care and keep of twenty-six horses, I have been busily taking advantage of a few days of dry weather to start putting the place to rights before winter descends upon us.

I also took an afternoon to paint the hallway in my house. It badly needed it, even though I had painted it three years ago. Every time Howard shakes his head, stuff flies and he seems to shake his head in the hallway a lot. It was looking like a Jackson Pollack painting!

These lovely trees make for lots of leaves on the ground. Pretty to look at but much work to clean up. I have taken to chopping them instead of raking, which seems to work well. So yesterday, a damp and dreary day, I sat on the lawn tractor and mowed the lawn for the last time of the season, as well as chopped the leaves.

Howard B. Hound was checking out the leaves for me. He is my quality control and he does such a good job.

I think he told me it was OK to chop this section.

The horses don't understand all of the fuss. If I would only let them they would gladly eat the grass and the leaves for me.

My manager seems to approve the job. Whew!

Mr. Solo agrees with Howard.

I always have photos of Howard and none of Grace. I am not playing favorites. Howard is a shadow, whereas Grace is a free spirit and goes about her day independent from the two-leggers. Which is a polite way of saying Grace is always into some kind of mischief or another. It's easy to photograph Howard because he follows me everywhere I go. He's a mama's boy.

This is usually the day I ramble on about my deep (uh-huh) thoughts. I don't seem to have any thoughts right now, deep or otherwise. I think struggling through mud for a month has drained me of any thoughts, other than the thought of staying on my feet.

We are due for more of the wet stuff today. The wood fencing is turning green. In October it is turning green. I expect to see the horses develop webbing on their hooves. I have given up trying to keep the floors in the house clean, my dogs don't wipe their feet before they come in.

I do have one thought. Enough, already.


  1. I think that we that get winters which are fast approaching are all a little absent trying to get the house and yard in order. Good to hear from you though!

  2. What a beautiful place you live in. The trees are magnificent. Congrats on getting the painting and the mowing done. Howard looks very proud! Ha!

  3. Horses...and dogs...and a wonderful place...congratulations for your blog...beautiful photos...
    see you next time...

  4. I do so find it all very fascinating. I look at that big pile of leaves & all I can think is mulch! That would be going on my garden or in the compost. I can't imagine having to batten down the hatches so thoroughly. It is such a lovely spot you live in. You are blessed.

  5. The hallway looks so nice...I love fresh paint!

    What beautiful pictures, your home and property are wonderful.

  6. I am so with you on the wet...enough, already! We've had a total of 3 days of sunshine this month...the other days it has been raining...ugh! How the heck do you keep shoes on the horses in this wet mud? Mine would have pulled them off in a heart beat and the first airs-above-the-ground boxing spree!

  7. Lorac, so true. We know what's coming!

    Debra, my Howard is very proud. He is my baby. We love our maple trees.

    Hellag, thanks so much for visiting. I agree, you can't ask for more that horses and dogs!

    Ganeida, my gardens are covered in leaves. They act as a winter blanket, a very good product to insulate the gardens. We northern people live for our weather!

    Judy, when Howard 'paints' the walls with slobber platter, fresh paint happens sort of often!

    Thanks to everyone for your nice comments about home. Don't look too closely, much is in need of work! So much to do, so little time to do it. : )

  8. Alicia, my horses don't need shoes. If they did, they would not stay on! Nothing like good feet. : ) My horse Ari is registered as WF Airs Above Ground and he does them! And he has feet of iron. It has been the most awful Oct. in my memory. The mud is unbelievable.

  9. I hear that with today's rain we may be close to setting a record for Oct rain. Frankly, I do not care. :~) The mud is nearly unbearable.

  10. Jean, my outdoor sand arena is literally under water. That has always drained and stayed relatively dry. It looks like a pond right now. There's nowhere for the water to go, the ground is completely saturated. I'm so depressed and so are the poor horses.... in again today.

  11. The rain, back east, has my whole family in the dumps...in a swamp is more like it. And they, too, have had snow, TWICE, already! Are you now digging out from under the white stuff? Is the white stuff a welcomed relief from the rain?

    Those sighthounds are rather independant...

  12. No snow, just bloody awful rain. We have heavy clay soil so it is a real mess. It would be awful if it snowed on top of this, the saturated ground would not freeze for a long time, creating a huge mess. Arrrrr!

  13. Let me say that I love Howard. He's my kind of guy. He's so much like my Heidi (Roo) that it's scary.
    Next - I love your hallway! See? All those hours on HGTV have paid off!!

  14. Britwife, we don't mention HGTV, I feel the shame of addiction. ; )


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