Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I'm emerging from the self-involved world of the ill. 

It is a rare thing indeed when I don't turn my computer on in the morning, but there were days when I never pushed the button. The brain was entirely occupied with my condition.

Today, this blustery raining cold day, I feel better.

Which leads me to my Thursday's Thinks. Surprisingly, I am marginally able to think again.

I believe our health is our most valuable asset. We only realize this after coming out of a period of illness and we always quickly forget it once we are well. Not being entirely well yet, I am still in the vivid awareness mode.

Minnesota has gone head first into fall. Overnight. Because, well ...... this is Minnesota.

Our elected representatives are busily pushing us under the bus. If I can set aside my horror and anger, there is an interesting and very visible thing unrolling before our dazed eyes. Out in the open, without any pretense, we are seeing the effects of money in our political process. Our system of governance is so thoroughly corrupted by the influence of corporate money as to render it almost useless. This is the first time in my lifetime that the process has been so openly displayed to the public. I hope you are watching.

Since I have had no energy or interest I have been planted in a recliner watching HGTV. I reduced my satellite service to the basic level, so my choices are greatly limited and HGTV became my good friend. So I wonder, why are all of the home improvement shows filmed in Canada? And why are Canadians so nice? I mean really, one family had been so ripped off by their contractor that if the improvement show had not decided to help them, they would have faced bankruptcy. The husband, upon learning how bad it all was, sad in an even, measured tone I'm livid. In America the person would have had so many bleeps as to render the statement,.... a bleeping tirade. I want to live in Canada.

I think I will take advantage of the cold fall day and try to do some domestic deeds. It's been awhile and it would, I think, make me feel better. I may change my mind when I actually decide to start, but it seems like a great idea at this time.

This is all my still slightly addled brain has to offer up. It has not been exercised for sometime and needs some stretching and flexing before it's ready for more than a short sprint.

Enjoy the day and your health good people.


  1. I ranted, until blooger stopped me, with regards to the current political scene, and the state of human beings, in general. Then I deleted it all.
    I just want to say I am glad you are feeling better. Don't over-do, so you can continue on your road to recovery.

    The rose is beautiful...surely, roses are not still blooming in Minne SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOW ta

  2. How is it that your anger hasn't cured you?

  3. The political scene is an abomination! I wouldn't be surprised if there were more than tea parties happening soon. Glad to see you back posting but sorry it has taken this long. I can't believe how cold it has become and hope that this isn't a taste of the winter that is upon us!

  4. Are you sure that it's fall? Feels a bit more like winter to me! (And I still have to sit outside for 2 hours tonight watching my son play football. Aargh. I hate that.)
    I am so happy that you are feeling better. Being sick sucks. Just plain sucks.
    Let me know about Canada. I already say "Eh?" at the end of sentences. We can take turns driving.

  5. I am glad to see a blog entry from you. I was just going to email to see how you were doing, but decided to check the blog one more time. Take it as easy as you can---my mother always said, it takes an an amount of days equal to those that you were sick to completely recover. (And that may be for a kid!)

  6. Sandra: I was going to email you today to find out if you were alright! I'm sorry you were feeling so poorly - glad to know you're back 'in the saddle' - well sort of . . .

    Your rose photo is lovely. And me thinks you thinks very well in spite of the understandable lethargy after an illness.

    Take care.

  7. gsc, the delete button has at times been my best friend! We still have flowers, but it is cold now, so not for long.

    Bruce, if outrage and anger could be turned into a cure, a large portion of our population would not need to worry about health insurance!

    Alicia, we are living in important times. It does feel like Nov.

    Britwife, I never had that kind of parental devotion. I'll take you up on the car pool.

    Jean, as usual mother knows best. I can't get my energy or interest up. And as you well know, there is not a real and complete rest when there are many animals to care for. That saps me of any energy I possess.

    Bonnie, thanks. I'm better than I was. I would like to get in the saddle for my second annual park ride. Let's hope I recover enough and the weather gets better. My trusty old saddlebred needs to work once a year!

  8. I always get very grateful about the joys and unsung wonderfulness of being well and healthy when I am sick for some reason or the other and then two days into health I forget to be so grateful : ) Thanks for the reminder that good health IS our greatest asset. ALthough I don't need to be reminded today as I am coming down with the same thing the girls had. Glad you are feeling a little better!

  9. I do hope that you will feel much better really soon Sandra!

  10. Glad you are feeling more your usual self. I was so pleased to get home from our trip & find you were commenting again! Thought it a remarkably good sign that you were on the road to recovery. I think I've missed something on your political front but whatever it is it pales beside the Samoa tsunami & Indonesian earthquake with more tremors, after shocks & threat of tsunamis when my brither & his family, aboard their 52' cat, are in the region. ET, call home....


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