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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Say It Isn't Snow!

This is what we woke up to this morning.
We have been unseasonably cold this month, after a beautiful September. I'm taking it personally.

It has led to use of this.


  1. Thanks, for reminding me why I am living in dirtville...for the next month or so the nights will be chilly (45-50, that's relatively speaking.)And the days 65 to 80. PERFECTION! Now if there were only water, trees and other green things...

    I like looking at the snow on the mountaintops, though. And it's real pretty in your field!

  2. I love your stove, it's so pretty-especially the curved brass leg! Do you have a good view of it from the couch or your favorite chair? Hope so! Are you a reader? I'd say it was a day to take care of the essentials and then put your feet up with a good read! I'm off to prepare vegetables for a funeral dinner. Might even follow your lead and photograph the end product! Blessings on your cold snowy day.

  3. Misery loves company so I came to wallow with my fellow Minnesotan about the early snow. I am not ready. The garden is still full of vines, othere traces of the season that need to be cleared and mulched and composted. The yard machines are out and not winterized. I don't even have the winter blankets on and the spring coats are still in the kid's cubbies. Sigh. I am not ready. We are building a garage this weekend. I was out until 9 pm last night a hammer literally frozen in my grip and full of snow- wet and so cold. I am not ready.

    hopefully it melts and the final Fall preparations can be done in somewhat of a warmer temp. I was hoping to push this to late November as a make up for the crap summer. sigh sigh double sigh

  4. I am sooooooooo glad I do not live where you do. Cold, wet, nasty stuff. Brrrr!

  5. Oh snow. I always see it as so romantic but I know if I had to live in it for a few months of the year I'd find it annoying.

  6. Oh my - I am suddenly seeing snow pictures all over everyone's blogs! I would be horrified to have snow this early - i still have tomatoes to finish ripening and apples to pick. But I have had to light the fire for the last week!

  7. gsc, I don't think I could give up the water and the greenery, not even for warm weather!

    Debra, I am a reader, but unfortunately I am also obligated to work all day! Except when I have been confine with a broken wrist or ill, I don't get the beautiful luxury of sitting in a chair before the fire, reading a book. Now I really want to. : )

    Jules, we will have many hour of commiseration ahead of us. I don't think I would enjoy building a garage.

    Ganeida, the trade-off is to sweat like mad in a subtropical climate. I would melt!

    Ashley, it did melt, but it too cold. I am hopeful this will pass so we can have a couple of nice weeks yet.

    Danielle, our vegetable season has been over for awhile. All of my plants are wilted, frozen things.

  8. I am so not ready for the snow we had flying yesterday either. Temps in the morning were a chilly 16 with wind howling at 25-30MPH! It just isn't fair!! Altho I could certainly cuddle up next to that warm fire!

  9. You had it colder than us Alicia!

  10. Oh brrr!! White stuff, don't want to see any of that here. We have been dropping into the 30's at night, but the days have been sunny and crispy cold!
    It is almost time for the woodstove to burn though! Looks so toasty!

  11. Paint Girl. may you be blessed with many more beautiful days!


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