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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Boy Talk

The Lipizzan and the Saddlebred met by the water cooler and decided to have a conversation, horse style.

The Lipizzan was not impressed by the Saddlebred. The Lipizzan knows the cold-hearted one got the Saddlebred, as she did the Lipizzan in the prime of his young horseness; a 3-1/2 year old beauty, done in by by the two-leggers.. Doesn't matter, oh spotted one, if you are a National Champion Stallion. You're a gelding now buddy!

Solo made another attempt to impress Ari with his lovely long neck. The Lipizzan scoffed. This is a neck.

The crowd watched on in rapt wonder.

After such a conversation, a drink was in order. Scamper stood at the waiting incase Ari needed him to intervene. Brothers in Arms and all that.

Solo thought Ari had better water, so he helped himself to a little. Very good.

Bounce was amazed. Alas, Bounce is always amazed.

The End.

* The management accepts no responsibility for the dirty bodies and tangled manes. The horses are solely responsible for making a mess of themselves.


  1. Herd dynamics... I love it! I haven't seen a picture of Bounce in awhile...He looks great! Is he completely recovered from that bacterial thing? Sheesh...it seems like just yesterday.

    More stories and pictures like today, please...this was great to wake up to! So funny!!!

  2. Well done! Your horsey conversation really matched the pics. I'm still smiling!!!

  3. I just don't understand the male species. All bristle & strut then they go off for a drink to gether?! At least they're predictable, eh?

  4. gsc, Bounce has all of his hair back! It was funny to watch them. Solo has not been with other horses before, so I started him with my Saddlebred gelding Spenser and yesterday I put him with the gelding herd. Lots of posturing and squealing. : )

    Bonnie, we call Ari 'Princess'. He is such a priss!

    Ganeida, funny but true. : 0

  5. sabin and me loved this story. :-) and i think she wants to name the horse she eventually gets "bounce" now. :-)

  6. Ahh, what conversation....what are they saying? Wouldn't you love to know? Bounce is looking very dapper himself, so glad he is doing well. He must have a good Mama.

  7. Hey Bounce is looking good :)

    Boys will be boys, always trying to impress and out do each other.


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