Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Of Seeds & Nuts & Lasagna

How do I make the mundane appear interesting, the everyday appealing? 

Life has been a flurry of activity. I lost most of the summer and into September due to my own lack of attention to the horse I was handling, so I have had much to catch up on. The northern tier dwellers know about approaching winter. We are like squirrels gathering and hiding their seeds and nuts. 

Putting away the last of summer's memories, we batten down the hatches in preparation for the onslaught of the unbearable. This is what I have been doing. In between the monsoons.

The horses, bless their hearts, have decided that layering themselves in all of that juicy mud is a wonderful thing to do in preparation for the frozen season. I cannot convey how it feels to look at a herd of mud-monsters, knowing the only person available to remove all of that is me. I feel so fortunate.

Nestled somewhere between the horses and the winter preparation has been the biological urge that draws us closer to hearth and home as the days become shorter and colder. Nature has its way of enforcing its order upon we people who live in the dark, cold lands. I become that odd mix of Annie Oakley and Martha Stewart; replacing the gun with a manure fork in one hand and a whisk in the other. I found myself yesterday taking care of the needs of the noble beasts as well as making sauce, assembling lasagna and baking French bread. In between I was washing windows and oiling the wood. All in a days work. Well, some days! Others, not so much.

Dawn is approaching, so I will be heading out to the barn now. Enjoy the day good people.


  1. I so sympathize with you on the mud beasts! I have no idea why they think that the mud is fun to roll in but then again, they are kids ;) I don't envy you trying to curry and brush all that dirt and dust!

  2. It may be 'everyday' for you - but it is not ordinary to me since I have never lived on a farm nor looked after horses.

    When you describe it and your love for it shines through, it is very appealing. And the descriptions of your culinary talents are sooo very appealing. Those popovers from the last post . . . and now lasagne and home-made french bread! How do you do it all????

  3. Are you wearing your cape today? You sound like "Wonder Women"!!! You are a very productive soul.

    Why those horses love that mud is beyond me, it makes them look like orphans! Well, maybe another monsoon will come and give them a rinse, but then the cycle starts again.

  4. My spirit quails within me just at the thought of having to bathe a horse!!! Can we have pics? I've never actually seen anyone attempt this. ☺

    I live vicariously through your winter by reading about your mud & snow & insane wind chill factors while sitting on my deck sipping something long & cold & fanning myself in the heat & humidity but funnily enough I don't ever wish I was there.

  5. That's it! You ARE a cross between Annie Oakley and Martha- the pioneer super-creative! I think I'll start calling you Annie Stewart, or maybe Martha Oakley...hmmm doesn't quite have the quirky ring I was looking for.....I made a gourmet lasagna for a neighbor a couple of weeks ago. Used steak, pesto, fresh mozzarella. He thanked me for the 'casserole'! I'm glad he liked it.

  6. Awesome post Sandra, you summed it up most definitely!

  7. i like the notion of being a cross between annie oakley and martha stewart. on saturday, to relax for a few minutes when everyone left the house, i played annie get your gun at top volume and sang along to everything...oh you can't get a man with gun...

  8. Well, still too busy. But sneaking in a minute.

    Alicia, I've learned if you leave the mud on the horses alone long enough, it falls off!

    Bonnie, I get up early!

    Judy, my super powers need a recharge. : )

    Ganeida, horses are generally accepting of baths. They are generally accepting of most of what we ask of them. I can't believe you wouldn't want to be here, freezing too death in the winter!

    Debra, you are funny. : ) I think next time you should give yourself a break and just make the neighbor a casserole.

  9. J, thanks!

    julochka, I think you could catch him, but you might have to shoot him to keep him. : )

  10. I just said (to my mother) yesterday that I am not looking forward to being cold for the next six months. You know that "to your bones cold that you will never feel warm again" feeling? Yeah. You know.
    I would offer to help you wash/curry the horses. But I'm busy. Sure. :)

    (I'm actually resorting the bookcases...the kids drive me mental with never sticking the books back in order. I am anal that way. Must be the librarian in me.)

  11. Ah, yes.... the infamous 'cold to the bone'. Britwife, I'll make a pie if you pick up a curry!


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