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Friday, November 20, 2009

Still Evolving

The horses have kept me busy. Gelding older stallions is a big deal and there has been a lot of care needed to keep them OK. 

The vet has had to be out once already and he will be here again at 7:00 AM. There is so much tissue on the older boys that no matter how hard I have worked at it, they have been swelling closed in the surgical area. This has to stay open to drain. Topper is doing well but poor Mr. Solo keeps closing up.

So much of my day is spend nursing the boys. I currently do not have much of a life. I am sure things will improve, but I am spending hours shagging horses and cold hosing the area where testicles once resided.

I know, too much information. 


  1. TMI...that would have incuded pictures...

    Bonding, you're bonding.

  2. How devoted and caring you are! I hope they heal well - and soon - for everyone's sake.

  3. As any good Momma does she takes care of her boys! I hope they heal up well.

  4. Totally sympathetic here! We had to geld a Haflinger stallion at 10..I could not keep the the area open for the life of me. The wrost part...it just kept reminding me of his manhood which I am sure you're going through. I hope all went well with the vet and both boys are on the road to recovery...

  5. Sandra: those boys are lucky to have you! Plenty of people would go *only an animal* & not give them the care, love & attention they have earned. I get all warm & fuzzy when I read of people caring so well for their animals. Restores my faith in humankind ~ almost. Any politician immediatly bursts my balloon but it's nice while it lasts.

  6. gsc, if I did not know taking a photo of that area would likely result in my demise I would have photos!

    Bonnie, I wish they would stop sealing up! It is expensive and annoying. : ) And painful for them.

    Judy, mama is getting tired of taking care of the boys!

    Alicia, I remembered you had a Haflinger stallion and I thought he had been cut. So you know exactly what all of this is like. They had to be opened up AGAIN!

    Ganeida, I know there are people who don't take care of their animals, but the people I know with horses try hard to care for them. Horses are such an expense and responsibility. In this case, I keep doing the care, but there is so much tissue it doesn't seem to matter.

  7. We all understand Sandra! Do what you need to do to keep your guys healthy. Plenty of time to catch up later!

  8. Poor things, hope they all get better soon!


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