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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Little This, A Little That.....Or How The Week Swallowed Me Whole

I think if I were able to believe in a deity, it would exist in the rising and the setting of the sun.

It has been a busy week. Kristina came back to ride Zing after a three month absence. I dragged myself into the doctor to deal with my pain issues and found I have very high cholesterol for my efforts. Getting older and fatter is a real kick in the pants. And the cherry on top was spending one and a half hours on a witness stand.

Zing was a real trooper, going back to work as if he had never stopped. Kristina seemed to forget what a stallion in the throes of breeding season is like, but she will become comfortable again, in a little time. He can be a big, bold boy!

I have been handling pain for a long time. If it is on my body, it hurts. When I started to experience rather substantial swelling under my right arm, as well as a very limited use of that arm, I decided I had to spend some of my limited time and money on the doctor. You know, I live in America where we have every right to die from lack of access to doctors if we don't have insurance or if we have deductibles that are so high we may as well not have insurance. But I am getting off topic. A cortisone shot in my shoulder has helped a lot. It's amazing how one area of the body affects the whole body. I'm not thirty again, or even forty, but I feel better than I have for about twelve years. It's not a permanent fix, but I'll take it.

Remember this? The butchering of my spruce trees by the godly born-again evangelical minister. He got his house moved and destroyed my trees in the process. This was January 2008. He finally pled guilty to a lessor charge, a misdemeanor public nuisance with restitution. Tuesday was the restitution hearing and I was the first witness. He had also completely cut down my neighbors deciduous trees, so they attached to my complaint.

I guess I was being punished for daring to challenge the man of god, as I was battered and badgered for ninety minutes, having my character, personality and motives questioned while both the prosecutor and the judge sat on their hands. The defense attorney was trying the already settled case instead of challenging the restitution amount. I am a strong personality and yet by the time this was over I was approaching a panic attack and shaking visibly. I have a very clear understanding as to why people who have been abused in the home or raped are reluctant to file charges, as this was a case about trees and I was treated badly. Now it rests in the hands of the judge. I simply want it over. Having this narcissistic personality in my community is unsettling.

So after the time I have had away and the added stimulation I have in my flesh and bone life, I have decided I can cease my internet obsession and resume comments. We will see if I am too optimistic about my recovery!

It's cold today, but the sun is out and my pain is lessoned. This is a good thing and a great way to start the day. So off I go to face the music of a life with too many horses. Enjoy your day.


  1. Oh good! I can comment again. I was composing in my head as I read your horror story. What a week! I'm believing justice will be served for your trouble with the minister. I'll be here celebrating when you post the good news. Knowledge is power and your cholesterol will go down as you address it. I've been watching some docs on PBS regarding diet issues and have begun making some changes myself. If I may make a suggestion, try fish oil for the inflammation. My husband (MS survivor) swears by it. Yes Sandra, Spring is coming! Hope for a new green earth and we women too. So glad you're back blogging, I've missed you.

  2. Oh Yay comments are back!! Glad to hear the cortisone injection helped, sometimes it takes up to three of them for the full effect, but it is worth it. I take fish oil everyday for my elevated cholesterol so it was interesting to hear it helps with inflammation.
    Sorry to hear about your rough time on the witness stand..I have also been through that and I know how they beat you down, thankfully it is done. I hope the outcome is favorable to you and your neighbor.

  3. Yay for cortizone! It's saved my life a time or two!

    Boo for a$$holes! I can relate to all you have written with regard to the mutilating of your trees and destruction of your property.

    It must be WONDERFUL to have Kristina home and seeing zing worked! Yay for that!

    Boo for high cholesteral, getting older, and all the PITA stuff that comes with it. I love BUTTER!

    We made it through another week and are stronger for it? Built more character? We're smarter now? Oh wait! I am supposed to say that as an affirmation not a question...


  4. Thank you, Sandra! I was going quite loony here reading & completely unable to add my drivel to your posts!

    Yay for spring, & Zing! Boo for getting old & fat & in pain. I agree none of that's fun. Some days I eye of my Dearest's medicine tray with an avaricious eye! He has things for pain in there you wouldn't believe.

    Court sucks. Did a bit of that when I was working with street kids. THE worst experience. Eventually I reverted to repeating the same statement over & over. I too came out shaking like an aspen leaf & I was only a witness.

  5. The picture of you becoming shaken on the witness stand due to badgering, is hard for me to comprehend! My stomach is in knots just imagining it. Yuk.

    It sounds like you could USE a dull moment!

  6. Debra: We will see what happens. My faith in the system is shaken. I have fish oil, but I got out of the habit. Thanks for reminding me!

    Judy: I didn't know it helped with cholesterol. 2 benefits for the price of one!

    gsc: It is a question and not something confirmed or affirmed! That awful man doesn't think he did anything wrong. A new diet will be slow going, I'm afraid. But I guess I should take it seriously.

    Ganeida: I wouldn't want to be the one to cause you to tip over into loony! I'm about 85% pain-free and the absence of pain is a odd thing. A good thing, but odd. Who would have thought my shoulder was responsible for so much misery throughout my body.

    Jean: Defense attorneys know how to rattle witnesses. The worst part was feeling so trapped and having my character attacked and not able to defend myself.

  7. So good to see you again. You might think of adding a lecithin supplement to help with the cholesterol issue as well.
    I have way too much snow here today. LOL

  8. I am so glad you are back! And for that miserable excuse of a human being who hides his arrogant entitlement disease behind a collar, a pox upon his house and may all the trees in the county fall upon his roof time and time again. What a despicable human being that didn't bother to stop the ambulance chaser he hired if for no other reason than human dignity and self respect, but what would he know of that, I wonder?

    Be good to yourself. I will not post any more recipes that may bring your cholesterol up and I will be sending you good thoughts from here. Again, I am delighted you are back.

  9. Hi go. Good to see you back. Computer problems eventually get solved with a new computer!

    Allegra, I think the man has a personality disorder, so he is a little frightening to me. I realized it the second conversation I had with him, but I pursued this anyway. It has been a challenge. BTW, put up your wonderful recipes. It's on me if I make them!

  10. I read this yesterday, I think?, getting back in to some normal routines. But I realized I didn't comment.

    I hope that another sunset and sunrise has helped .

    I look at that picture of the devastation and I just can't imagine. Just can't.

  11. deb: I can't imagine it either. He has no remorse, or even an idea it was wrong.

  12. Yes it has been hard to stay silent! You must not punish us again like that! Just pulling your leg! That sounds like a really crappy day. No other way to put it! Get better really soon!

  13. Thanks Lorac. I feel much better, but it took a couple of days.


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