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Friday, March 26, 2010

Uh Huh

While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions.
Stephan R. Covey

The fresh-faced, dewey-eyed nurse practitioner solemnly informed me I have choices. I'm looking at her youth and realize she doesn't know. Granted, some people realize at an early age the myth of choice, but it is generally a lesson learned while living life.

Choice very often is a double edged blade, not easily handled and can hurt you when taken. Choice can be gut-wrenching and impossible. I worked hard to engage the little-used filter between my brain and mouth and said nothing to this child. Let her live life a little longer.

Ah well. A bad shoulder, a bunch of horses and a choice made a couple of decades ago. Whoever thought I'd get old. Not me. I do know choices narrow and life isn't as simple as eeny, meeny, miney, moe. There's that double-edged blade, glistening as it waits to be taken hold of. I think I will leave it alone.


  1. I am ruminating and pondering on this...

  2. Oh Sandra! I loved your line, "I worked hard..." Got a giant giggle out of that. I so get what you are saying. I look at the 'young professionals' out there and can't believe they are old enough to do what they do! I had a vet look at my Pom yesterday, he has a cough. She looked and sounded so young that I wanted to call her sweetie. You'll be glad to know that I engaged my filter and was able to resist. Yes, we are getting older, and hopefully wiser.

  3. Ha gsc! I'm told I could have surgery, it's a choice. Not when you are as under-insured as we are. Then I must baby my shoulder. Not with the work I do. Well, says she, you have choices. Yes, I do. But in this case I am able to determine the consequences of those choices!

    Deb, they are so young, it's hard to keep a straight face. I guess I was young once as well.

  4. lol Oh Sandra! You cracked me up. If you figure out how the filter works let me know 'cause I need to use mine more often & I'm not the technical sort!

    I wonder how these kids dare give advice about *life choices* when they have lived so little of it. As you say, today's choices are predetermined by yesterday's choices. No~one our age has any real choice, just the mess that's left as the party departs. lol That's if I can even bend down to pick up the mess any more.

  5. Oh, that filter has a lot of holes in it, I'm afraid. They dare because they don't know. They have a hard-earned degree and a job that puts them in a position to advise. So I exercised the filter, because she did not know any better. She will, one day, but not this day. I never honestly thought I would become this creaky, cranky old bag of wind.

  6. If you are an old bag of wind where the heck that leaves me? My filter has more holes than I could possibly try to stop with my fingers and my toes. You should see one of Barry's oncologists. She is petite and one would suspect she is still in high school. She is adorable and she calls me Mrs.Smith and I have to bring myself from way back when when that happens to call her Dr.B

    Yes we have choices, and some times we don't. Some times when we know the consequences of the choice we make before hand, it may appear to others like the wrong choice. I try to leave my moccasins behind for them then, some day they may learn the reason for my choice. Then again...

    Take care of that shoulder, I know how insidious that kind of pain can be.


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