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Monday, March 8, 2010

Observations on a Dreary Morning

Is this the face of America? I'm in a mood, which means I'm thinking about stuff.

The harder a person thumps a bible the less likely they are to possess charity, compassion and empathy.

Crazy talk gets notice and credibility. Reason is dismissed like so much garbage.

Glen Beck is either insane or immoral. Or both. As well as the viewers who subscribe to his vitriolic rants.

One would think a tall man would have quite a length of spine. President Obama may have a spine, but he seems to lack a backbone.

I've learned, by listening to the Average American Who Knows So Much, that we are different so we don't need universal health care. Because we have a Constitution.

The Average American Who Knows So Much does not know that democracy is a system of governance and capitalism is an economic system, and that the two are not mutually exclusive. China is a dictatorship that practices capitalism very well. You, Average American, are not a capitalist. You're just a poor schmuck.

Free enterprise is not free market.  Free market means someone is getting screwed, like you. Or me.

Long-term unemployment in the US is inevitable. Job loss will subside in a couple of months, but job creation of any significance will not occur. We are still sending our jobs out of the country. We need to change our trade policies (remember free market) and put a financial cost to sending jobs out. Fat chance. Wall Street would not like it.

Carl Rove wrote a book. Carl Rove should have been booked.


  1. I make a point to ignore anyone who sticks their tongue out (no matter what the age).

  2. It is a good policy. Unfortunately the man is wildly popular.

  3. point one and point two are excellent. thankfully no glen beck here, but have seen jon stewart (my main source of american political news) talk about him. i think these are scary times in the US and i STILL blame the bush administration. those lunatics were there, but now they think it's ok to shout out their stupidity. it really makes me feel hopeless sometimes and i'm not even living there in the midst of the worst of it.

  4. Never 'eard of this Beck fellow but I certainly agree with your distinctions. I've always scratched my head over why so many Americans seem to pair things together that have no relationship[capitalism does not equal democracy]. As for the health care ~ if Americans are dying because their system is screwed I would think they'd fix it but none of the arguements I've heard make the least sense to me. I thought terror of socialism left with McCarthyism. Surely a Christian ountry [however nominal] out of simple charity, is obligated to help the less fortunate who often
    through no fault of their own cannot provide adequetly for themselves? Which reminds me: you have school taxes & even homeschoolers aren't up in arms about paying those. A tax for public health care is exactly the same thing so why do people fuss so much? Befuzzling, methinks.

  5. The Average American Who Knows So Much appears quite ignorant. And about the fellow with the tongue out, he is not immoral, he is amoral which in my book is much worse and apparently a natural state of affairs for his followers, which may explain to a certain extent the state of ignorance our country finds itself in.

    There is no worse off blind man than the one who does not want to see, so says the old Spanish proverb. What we are seeing is the result of eight years of amorality, lies and a certain Karl that makes Karl Marx look like a benefactor of humanity. The rest is all the same old same old - just exchange "ignorant people" in place of "woman" about keeping them barefoot and pregnant. Ne?

  6. I forgot to leave you this link in case you didn't see it:


  7. We are a messed up bunch. It gives me a headache.


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