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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Of Buds and Posturing

This is an in between time. Between winter and spring is an ugly place in a a region that has harsh winters. While so much of the country is enjoying trees budding and flowers beginning to show their glory, we have brown. The landscape looks dirty, unwashed from its' winter exercise. Some rain to wash it clean would be welcome.

On the positive side, it is unseasonably warm. Somehow the plant life in the frozen land knows better than to be tricked by a warm March. They have their own timetable and will bud out when they are good and ready. I'm so ready.

Today I will spend some of my time cleaning up the gardens, admiring the little bits of green poking their noses out of the soil and enjoying 75 degrees. I believe I can risk leaving the long underwear in the drawer today! It seems so wrong, it's March.

The horses know. They are full of energy, which means they are causing trouble. Broken fence boards, squealing geldings getting tough in the paddock. Strutting Topper displaying the fact he was top stallion for twelve years, he has memory even if he no longer has parts. Solo and Ari arguing throughout the day, Ari using his dressage moves on the floopy-footed saddlebred. Everyone else minding their own business, until trouble finds them and chases one or another just because.

The signs are all there. One morning I will see fat buds on the trees. Swollen with the promise of leafy greenery changing the landscape. In the meantime I will watch geldings posture, prance and bully one another while they wait for pasture to ease the boredom of confinement on dirt. A squeal, a loud crack as hoof meets wood, another thing to fix.


  1. Never a dull moment! Such a great picture of the horses...I like that they are not in focus. That's a keeper!

  2. I see buds!!! I planted flowers this week...nothing makes you feel better. Other than Diet Coke.

  3. Judy, the lack of focus is appropriate sense both the horses and I seem to lacking in that very thing!

    Queen, I spent some time pulling dead stuff out of the flower beds and found some live stuff lurking amongst the debris. Even found two rows of garlic! That Diet Coke sounds like some powerful stuff, I should give it a try to see if it can make me younger. : )

  4. I remember the 'tween of winter and spring being especially torturous!

    thanks for the idea of worming the berner! I REALLY should have thought of that myself!

    He is driving me bonkers with his comings and goings! Well, not so much me, but anyone that expects me to do anything, because I hate leaving if he hasn't been by.

    Me? Philosophical? nah, no way! The best I have got (that I use constatntly) is "...and this, too, shall pass...

  5. Living in evergreen country as I do I have never had the dubious delight of waiting on the green appearing. Hope you get yours soon. ☺

  6. gsc, I was reluctant to mention deworming because I thought you would already have done it. But then I realized how often I don't see the obvious when it is right in front of me, so I mentioned it. I hope he comes around enough to stay put. Zing's trainer s a philosophy major, so I and often exposed to philosophical thinking. It hasn't stuck!

    Ganeida, the in between time is ugly, both early spring and late fall. You aren't missing anything. : )

  7. it's coming - I can smell it. love the focus on the trees in that shot

  8. You are having cooler, wet weather up there today. We need some rain.

  9. that was amazing writing, btw.

  10. deb, thank you. A little glimpse into the ordinary of my life!


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