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Friday, March 5, 2010

Promises & Possibilities

Life goes forward, sometimes it feels as if in leaps and bounds. Spring is in the air. The temperate weather is softly speaking to me, promising a new beginning; a better time ahead. I normally never trust whispered promises, but I will make an exception and grasp the hint of spring with both of my hands. Yet, I know winter will have at least one more wallop, but I'll bob and weave and not let it touch me.

The true harbinger of spring would be the shedding of their thick winter coats. The horses know something, as the hair is coming out in big, fluffy clumps. At the end of the day my coat looks like a patchwork of multi-colors of fur as they brush against me on the way in and out of the barn. Although a messy time, the peeks of sleek, shiny bodies under the warm, thick hair is always something that gives me a tingle of glee. Spring cannot be far off. Several feet of snow on the ground says different, but the horses are my seers.

So I am slowly entering the land of the living, back to a normal routine, with bits of my mother's life tossed in. I don't know if she will come out the other side whole. We, her friends and family, can offer support, but she will need to put something into it as well. I'm not sure she believes she can, so I'm not sure she will try. I hope for her sake she does. Life under the mantle of persistent grief becomes a dreadful chore; for the wearer as well as the watcher.

But spring is in the air, with its promise of an awakening earth, so if this frozen bit of land can change its scape so dramatically in a month's time.... anything should be possible in the world.


  1. I always enjoyed it when my mare shed out too. That old girl looked like a collie in the winter! LOL She'd have such a blssful look on her face as I combed and combed and...

  2. Oh welcome back home Sandra. I have missed you. I'm so glad that you have the hope of Spring in your heart. That you can sense its coming. I see no evidence of it here. But I will trust, it is on its way. For you, me, your mother, all of us, I hope it comes soon.

  3. Hi Bonnie. Thanks, I am wanting spring, but we have A LOT of snow still!

    Teri, they do love a good grooming when they are shedding.

    Debra, It's nice to be missed!

  4. Missed you, gal! Nice to have you visiting again. Our wet is overflowing into autumn. Half the interior is flooded. Some have flooded more than once. Looks like I'll be joining you in the mud this year.

  5. I'm sorry about the mud, but this does signal an end to the drought? Thanks for missing me!

  6. It must be wonderful to live so close to nature that you can see spring's imminence through your horses' coats.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, again! I always love your comments.

  7. I've never thought of it that way Elizabeth.

  8. Spring is a time to recover from things sometimes. Some years just a hard winter and other times losses such as you have been through are a tiny bit easier to bear on a day that isn't frozen or windy or dark. I am sorry about the loss of your father. Mine is 86 also.
    Cassidy has spent more time than he wants in my mini-indoor area. (Too small to use the word arena!) He is happy and frisky and shaggy even though he is wearing a stable blanket.
    The sun is starting to work on the frozen water outside my window. Hopefully the ice will let go from the banks and start to sink soon! Then the paddocks won't be frozen and dangerous and my horses can start enjoying the outside world again!

  9. *hug* yes, spring is on the way. and i see from your pic that you adore gustav klimt as well? i see "the kiss" in the background... love that one.

  10. dressage rider, spring is a hard time for the horses...ice & mud. Poor Cassidy, I know he will frolic when he gets the chance!

    Kacie, those Klimt prints have hung there so long I hardly notice them. Yes, I like his work. : )


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