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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sun & Smiles

We have had an unseasonable March. This looks to be the first March in recorded history to be without snowfall. This coming week we will have temperatures in the 70 degrees. Oh yeah!

So in the period of a few weeks we will be going from this..............

.......to this. How great is that! Really great, let me tell you. This has been a long winter and I think we have been given a great gift to have it leave a month early.

The horses were very destructive this winter so there is more repair to be done then usual. The next month will be filled with fence repair and general cleanup. If the unusual warmth continues maybe I can get a jump on the gardens. What a wonderful thing that would be. At the very least I can get out the fencing tools, grab a paint brush and fix what the beasties have destroyed.

Speaking of the beasts, they are full of vinegar. Handling them is a exercise in patience and agility. The warm weather coming early put them into paddocks early and the stir-crazy has set in. Nothing like having a thousand pounds of hoof and muscle dancing around on the end of a rope. There are days.......

That's all the news fit to print. The sun is out and it promises to be a pleasant day.


  1. I can see you doing your happy dance at the farm. It looks more like 'bustle-bustle' than a jig. But there's joy in every step. Yea for the sun and gardens and beasties full of vinegar.

  2. I was thinking of you as I watched our news last night. The interior is experiencing the biggest flood in 100yrs; stretches from the gulf down the middle of Aus in this huge inland sea. Will probably go all the way from the top to the bottom. Thousands of hectacres underwater. Just think of the mud! lol And then be grateful. Enjoy your spring.

  3. I am still refusing to put away the snow boots and pants I am not going to do so till some time mid april - it is all very twilight zone to me this lack of snow. in fact we hardly had any standing water or mud this year. not sure where this weather is coming from and when ours will make a vengeful return

  4. Deb, I am dancing! Not so yea for the rotten beasties, bad things. : )

    Ganeida, I think that will be some awesome mud. I am grateful it is not mine and sorry for those whose it is.

    Jules, the warm early winter and the huge snowfall left us without a lot of frost in the ground. Mud season around here is about 2 mos. It was about 2 weeks! I am walking on air. : )

  5. hooray for early dryish spring.

    I have a garden maintenance business, and have been itching to get some client's places cleaned up. My workboots are ready, but today it has been pouring, so maybe another week.

    I so prefer outdoors, to in.

  6. Looks like you are getting some great weather, perfect for riding! We were getting unseasonably warm, dry weather, now we are back to wind and rain!

  7. Look at that sunshine, lap it up and enjoy it, you deserve it.

  8. deb, what a perfect job! I wish I had thought of that. I am outside all day everyday when spring starts to show itself.

    Paint Girl, boo on winter weather now. The mid-section of the country had some bad stuff last week I understand. You all recover fast though and get to warm weather pretty quick!

    Liss, you are heading into winter, but your winter is not so bad, I think. I am enjoying the sun, it's made an appearance again today!


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