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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Road To Perdition.....

is called Wall Street.

I listened to Timothy Geitner this morning explain that Wall Street had to be bailed out, it would have been the end of the world if not. He so casually said we will have high unemployment for a long time to come. When asked about the money flowing among the few on The Street, he ignored it. 2009 was a banner year for the Elegant Thieves of Wall Street, largely due to bailout money. Some hedge fund managers saw the government was not going to let the investment banks fail, so they swooped in and bought stock. And received a 25 billion paycheck among them last year. Something is very wrong. While The Street sees plenty of this,

so many others have seen this. From President Obama on down there is this phrase:  jobless recovery. THERE CAN BE NO SUCH THING. Wall Street doing well is not a recovery. Wall Street is not the economy, frankly Wall Street is the destroyer of an economy.

Glass Steagall needs to be put back into law. Balance needs to be attained.  Congress will not do it. Unfortunately, so many Democrats have joined the Republicans in putting their hands out that it is impossible to get any kind of meaningful reform in anything.

We are likely in for another crash, larger than the last, because there is no stopping the thugs. We don't need Tea Baggers or militant militia groups. We need an engaged and informed mainstream America. An American public that doesn't get their information from Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity. A public that isn't swayed by sound bytes. It seems like a very hard row to hoe. 

I did not have a topic today. I was not going to post anything. Then I heard this soulless man speaking about something he does not have the ability to grasp in such an abstract manner. It makes me want to weep. 


  1. All this just stumps ,e... REALLY! Is there anyone we can trust to lead us to a better place?

  2. It's nearly impossible. The monied interests have hold of our government. The Supreme Court's decision in Feb. to grant corporations first amendment rights has really sealed the deal. We need publicly funded elections, but Congress would need to put that into law, which they won't because they are beholden to the monied interests. Round & round we go. I hate to sound like an alarmist, but we are a corptocracy and no one, or very few, know it. Leonard Cohen has a song, "Democracy is Coming to the USA". I wish it would hurry up.

  3. "The *love* of money is the root of all evil". We are now seeing the results but we are so dependant on the stuff most people can't be made to see common sense.

  4. I think people are the root of all evil and money is simply a tool they use. Money is an inanimate object with no good or evil. But I am something of a literalist. : )

  5. Love is a verb. Verbs are usually an action & actions are usually attached to people. lol By such complicated means I arrive at the conclusion we actually agree! ☺

  6. Ganeida, you are ever the poet and I am always the literalist!

  7. What they do on Wall St effects the whole world and yet these people still dont care.

  8. I will repeat what I said then and what I will say again and again even if nobody is listening: we should have let them fall. Period. No need for any explanation, no excuses, not even a reason. They could have taken the money they had already stolen and we would have had a different today and a different tomorrow.

    You don't make a crook go straight by giving them the keys to the safe. With people like that trust in God but tie your camel.

  9. Deb, that sums it up well!

    Liss, they don't care.

    Allegra, I feel such a sense of futility.


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