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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rainy Days & Thursdays

Always make me think.

The horses will spend the day in the barn again. We have had a lot of rain and the soil is sloppy and slippery. My delicate flowers don't get put out on days like this. I think it has more to do with my own reluctance to trudge through the muck, but I will continue to maintain it is for their benefit.

What a difference some rain makes. I have not altered this photo, the grass really is that green. All of the green things are sprouting, working their way out of the soil and toward the light. I wonder if the plants are as confused as I am. This is the way the landscape looks in May.

Green, lots of green. And fence boards needing paint. Fence boards always need paint.

Puddles and peony. I am a fan of the peony. No maintenance and so much beauty. I have the original farm family to thank for the many large peony plants that adorn the property.

The last day of tax season. Mark will emerge from his cave at the end of the day. I wonder if he will recognize me. The odds will improve as to whether he will now remember at least half of what I say to him.

I am lazy today. My mind is lazy and only wants to think of things simple. Like puddles and peonies.


  1. I thought you would say 'puddles, peonies and ponies' - but I guess ponies are a given.

    Your peonies have about 6 inches more growth than mine. Can't wait to see their glorious blooms.

    We have sun here today, but forecast says your rain is headed our way for the next 4 days ... April showers ...

    Take care Sandra.

  2. Nothing wrong with puddles and peonies! Looks like you are about two weeks ahead of us there.So very green!

  3. Isn't it amazing! A little rain, a little sun and poof! Green every where, the miracle of spring. I love peonies too. Mine died last year, didn't make the transplant from it's old home. I will try again. Enjoy your rainy lazy day, won't be too many of those lazy days left for you will there? Your title reminded me of the "Carpenter's" song, Rainy Days and Mondays. Do you know it? Blessings Sandra!

  4. Barry and I love peonies to distraction. We have herbaceous ones and tree peonies as well. Perfect companions for roses, they do have a symbiotic relationship based on beauty.

    Here the weather is on the fence between sunny and raining. It doesn't matter, Fernando, my right hand side when it comes to humor me about moving things around outside is here. My Wellies are at the ready by the door, my Felcos are sharpened, my heavy sweater is hanging on the back of the chair waiting, guess where I am going? And dear, the only function of fences in a paddock is to fall and to be painted. By now you should know that :)

  5. A little rain makes such a difference! We have had more rain than usual too. Lucky you to have wooden fences to paint. Farm fences here are always barbed wire & by no stretch of the imagination could you call them pretty.

  6. Peonies!!!! Green!!!! manomanomanoman! I can't tell you how much I miss these things! I'd put up with some puddles to see green like that!

  7. Puddles and peonies -- I love that.

    Your farm is so beautiful -- I wish that I could come visit. Did I ever tell you that my Sophie rode horses for a long time at a therapeutic riding stable? It's just so damn far from my house that we stopped for a bit. When I see your horses and read your posts, it makes me miss it, and I'm thinking I need to start her up again --

  8. Yes Bonnie, the ponies are a given...and a constant! We are having a wonderful spring, but it is very windy and cold this morning. Our rain must have reached you by now.

    Lorac, it is so unusual for us to be ahead of anyone. We are the new sunbelt!

    Deb, I remember reading long ago an article on an elderly woman who was THE peony expert. I have always remembered a phrase she used about transplanting them. 'Only do it in the fall. They become resentful if you move them any other time." I have never wanted my peonies to resent me! My tile was a word play on that song. : )

    Allegra, I have such garden envy when I look at what you have done. It makes me think of my garden when I lived in the city. Different types of flowers, but a mass of planting. I am overwhelmed here. The yard is the size of a football field and I would not have the hours in a day to garden at that scale. So I had beds here and there and have to call it good enough. But I so love the look you achieved. And you are so right. Fences are meant for fixing!

    Ganeida, it is not advised to have horses and barbed wire. That said, it is done in the US as well. As you head further west it is more common. Nasty stuff,

    gsc, I can't imagine living where it isn't green, although the desert has its own beauty. But I like the green things.

    Elizabeth, I wish you could visit as well. I hope you can resume the therapeutic riding with Sophie. I think it is so beneficial. There is something about the horse.......

  9. It is far greener there then here - still very very brown

  10. Jules, you are soooo far up there. I have to mow the lawn this weekend. In April. In MN. It's a topsy-turvy world. : )

  11. after weeks of summer like spring, we had blustery cold winds and flurries. Oh well.

    Your property looks like a vacation destination. And I'm sure the irony of it being constant upkeep for your is very real. This is life I suppose.

    I adore peonies.

  12. deb, I have a love/hate relationship with the life I chose. If you ever want to make this a destination don't worry. I have plenty of manure forks!


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