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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Penned Up & Pent Up

The horses have been confined to paddock turnout for two months, a negative side effect of the early spring. They are full of energy with no place to put it.

So they run circles in the paddock.

Mr. Solo is enjoying his new-found freedom as one of the geldings. Topper is giving him the snake eye as he takes a spin past him. Tops is keeping Ari and Scamper in the corner; they are mine, says he!


Bounce showing how he got his name. Yee-haw.

The Lad-Man is amazed.

I have been busy but not with anything worth writing about. I am scraping paint, pulling weeds. Not very interesting to anyone but me. And I think I am beginning to find it less interesting as the days go by. Perhaps the next photos will be of me running wildly around the paddock!

The farrier will be here for the morning, so I will hear some news as we give the beasties their pedicure. The handsome chestnut in the photo above will have his tootsies done, which means the vet will be here as well. Laddy takes great exception to farrier work. And the farrier takes great exception to being launched by Laddy. So he gets a cocktail of drugs to put him in the mood. Bad Lad.

It is a beautiful day, I have work to do. Enjoy your day good people.


  1. Fun photos!! I bet you can watch them all day.


  2. What happy, energetic horses. Imagine how crazy they will be once released into the fields! Can't wait for the next picture (the one you said you would be in!).

  3. Oh yes! I got a good giggle out of imagining Sandra running around the paddock too! Beautiful animals Sandra, very fun to see them in motion. How many horses do you have?

  4. Great photos, they made me laugh! I think I will laugh harder if you were out there running around too!
    Have a great day!

  5. will do, off to plant some new perennials,
    and organize the upstairs a bit ( oldest daughter returns from University tonight.)

    thanks for reading my elusive posts.
    I am a jumble of thought.

    I had to google the link you have on the sidebar about not forcing horses necks into that horrid position. I want to never stop learning. Never stop trying to do right by all creation.
    Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  6. Teri, they can be entertaining. Except when they hit the fence or one another. Or me!

    Bonnie, I call them crazy horses. : ) I am almost as looney as they are, so I may actually start to run circles!

    Deb, you have no idea what kind of photos could be had of me. Yikes! I own 23 horses. This is the gelding (castrated) herd.

    Judy, they can be wild at times. Some of them think they are fast like your thoroughbreds! They are not. : )

    deb, I like to read you thoughts. I'm not all that deep, so I may not always know for sure if I get it, but I do recognize something worth reading when I see it.

    I have garage doors to paint. Oh well. Rolkur is one of many horrid things we of the so-called superior beings do to horses. I don't know why horses don't kill us and be done with it. Or at least maim the very large group of people who mishandle and abuse them. It would be so easy.

  7. If indeed you get to do the paddock thing, I want photos. I miss my horses, I have missed them since I moved to this country. I missed their energy, their hard head attitude (and their hard heads resting on mine as if to claim property). It has been years since I was riding in Eastern Oregon, feeling I could keep going and going.

    The body betrays us in subtle ways and some times it robs us of what we take for granted without a thought. But I still love them, I love to watch them move, wondering
    14 hands? 15 hands? My Moro was 15 hands, pretty average for an Arabian and gorgeous as the day is long. I don't miss many things from the salad days, but that is one still that I will always miss.

    Your horses are gorgeous and you are some lucky lady. I know, the work is exhausting at times but look at them: poetry in motion.
    Thanks for the memories and I expect more photos of them as the Summer comes.

  8. We are just counting our blessings: all present & accounted for! We are having beautiful weather too as it's getting perceptably cooler. Enough to make me race round madly enjoying it just like one of your horses.

  9. Party in the paddock! Everyone looks to be enjoying themselves. I LOVE hover horses!
    I hope you are enjoying, or at least getting some satisfaction from the weeding and scraping.

  10. The horses do look full of vim and vinegar! Make sure you get us pictures if you decide to run the paddock too!

  11. Allegra, I didn't know you had horses. We have lived very different lives and yet there are many commonalities: gardens, food and now horses. My horses range from 14.1 - 17 hands tall. As well as Arabians I have Saddlebreds. They are interesting and expressive horses.

    Ganeida, I'm glad it is cooler and I wish I could see you running around your paddock. Unfortunately, we don't have tails to flip over our backs as we frolic!

    gsc, party indeed! I am going to be satisfied to get it done.

    Lorac, I left my camera on so the battery is dead. Otherwise I'd be happy to show those photos!

    Jules, I guess these are my family photos. : )


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