Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Morning Breaking

A oddly eerie and beautiful morning's arrival. 

Life is scurrying along, the daily grind is ground and sometimes the day's arrival is heralded with blue on the horizon.


  1. I await my time when the kids are old enough to be home by themselves so I can get up early and go on morning walks.

    I love this time of day.

  2. Hi Sandra: I love these shots of black threads reaching up to the heavens backed by magnificent colours. They are eerie and mysterious. Hope today is a good one for you.

  3. Mmmm, lovely, did you have a hot cup of coffee nearby to enjoy the colors with?

  4. Liss, it is a peaceful time to be awake and no one else is.

    Bonnie, it's a strange color for a sunrise. I see that color sometimes at sunset, but I don't remember ever seeing a blue horizon in the early morning.

    Deb, I was in the process of making coffee when I glanced out the window. I hurried to put the 70-300 lens on my camera. I've so often lost what I want to shoot in just the time it takes to get my camera ready. Not this time!

  5. I love fey mornings like this! Lucky you. ☺ Early mornings are great. Shame they are so...early. lol

  6. I love mornings. If I am not up by 5am I feel like I have wasted the best part of the day.

    When I worked an all night shift, it seemed to me it was always morning. My morning, at 2 in the afternoon when I got up. Real morning, at day break and everyone elses's morning between 7 and 9am. It was glorious!

    Great catch and awesome photo op! and soon it will be filled in with green and present a whole 'nuther kind of awesome!

  7. Just wow. Seriously.

    and I know what you mean about the lens thing. I just got a zoom lens, and all the birds etc, ie shots I'm trying to get often disappear while I fumble about trying to twist and turn the lens into the camera. Yesterday I was doing it in the rain, trying to hold an umbrella.

    I'm glad you got to carry this image with you the rest of the day, Sandra.

  8. Ganeida, I wasn't so lucky this morning - I overslept!

    gsc, Once the leaves open on the trees I won't be able to see through there. That will be OK. : )

    deb, can you imagine, blue! I wonder if it's a bad thing that caused it, like pollution? It was beautiful anyway.

  9. Would you please send one of those over? I am beginning to brush the kelp off my hair and wondering if I will truly end with webbed feet when this season is over...sigh.

    I promised Barry crepes Suzette tonight, explain to me please why your name popped into my head as soon as I said I would? Enjoy your mornings, your days, every second. I am going to try to.

  10. I'm sorry you are developing gills! We could use some rain as we are very dry. I suppose my name popped into your head because I am a food hound! ummmm, crepes Suzette. I wish I could be right over!


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