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Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunshine & Horses

Brighty, weanling

Yesterday was simply beautiful in Minnesota. If you celebrate Easter, you got a gift. If not, you still got a gift. I was in the barn for the day, but I got brief moments in the sun as I travelled the route to and from the manure pile on the skid loader. You take the good where you find it!

Life on the farm is so different from the long ago life I led in Saint Paul. In that life we would have gone somewhere nice for brunch and perhaps a drive around town to see if the ice is off the lakes. That is a couple of decades ago of memory though. Now every day starts with feeding and watering large numbers of hungry equines, all calling out to me as they hear the door slide open. Noses poking through the bars, they nicker in anticipation of the alfalfa coming their way. I have never tired of this. Listening to them contentedly munch hay is one of life's joys. Cleaning up after them, well it is just part of the deal. At least I don't have the older woman wings on my upper arms. I have manure pitching and bale lifting to thank for that!

I have felt sorry for myself quite a bit recently. I have been concentrating on the the restrictions of my life, all the while overlooking the good. I do enjoy a whine now and again, but it needs to be really good and really short. Mine has been a steady droning sound, one that just crawls under the skin and annoys. Maybe the change of season will bring about a change of mind. I think so.

It's time to move my self in the direction of the barn and let the beasties out. They are always so happy to get outside, until they realize it is another day in the dirt paddock. It seems cruel and unusual punishment that they can look across the lane to green grass. Sacrifice now means plenty later, but they don't know or care. All they know is they can smell spring. At least the geldings have mostly stopped beating each other up. Several throat latches have teeth marks. Can't eat grass says Solo, maybe I'll bite Ari.

City & Ari, two years old

Off I go for another day. Enjoy your day good people.


  1. I didn't hear any whining, just a statement of facts. I have a few of my own.

    I totally agree, there isn't much that can compare to a 1000 pound beast calling to you in the morning (even if it's just for breakfast)

    So awesome to be able to SMELL spring.

  2. Funny how everything is so subjective and a matter of perspective. From a distance many of us would think you are living a dream. Of course, we are not doing all the hard work that dream entails.

    I always feel a bit down in the Spring - knowing it is a yearly event helps me not to get bothered by it. It always passes.

    Enjoy all your equine friends.

  3. Sandra! So happy you've got some spring sunshine there! Ya-hoo. We are foretasted to have wind and more snow this week....unbelievable for this area. I almost chocked when I read you calling yourself a whiner. My goodness you have had one major loss after another this winter. You are standing and forging on with your strong biceps! That's the thing. Loved the photo of the horses playing together...I can't imagine what being around that size of animal would be like...Amazing creatures.

  4. choking not chocking over here...should finish my coffee before attempting to type.

    Oh yea, in the midst of all your 'not whining', you manage to come and visit all of us. I always look forward to seeing you.

    Enjoy your sunshine.

  5. We all deserve a good "whine" now and then. However what I hear is a strong women who loves what she does and that is what it is all about.
    I wish for you another day of warm sunshine!

  6. lol, my friend, you do well with what life throws at you. If courage means the odd gripe here & there, so be it. I will be moaning myself pretty shortly. It is getting *cold* here in the mornings. I've started looking for a rug for my knees so I can type in comfort.☺ I should love the farm ~ but not the horses. A leetle too big for me. Cat's now...maybe I could farm cheetahs?

  7. gsc, In most of our lives there isn't much to compare to a 1000 # beast doing anything! We could be considered nuts. : ) Spring to my nostrils is decaying manure!

    Bonnie, sometimes it can seen like a dream, but it has serious downsides. No vacations being one of them. I don't have foals any more, but stallions (now one) and young horses, as well as so many horses, tie a person to the farm. I can't have a neighbor look after them. I guess there are worse places to be tied, or stuck, to. ; )

    Deb, I am a world class complainer when I want to be. My obit will say "Life sucked and then she died."!! Or that she had strong arms *HA* I'm a little slow on the visiting as I am actually working sort of hard right now. Sneaking a break.

    Judy, I did enjoy the sun and I'm really enjoying todays rain. We need it. Tomorrow will be sunshine again, so the greenery will pop!

    Ganeida, horses may be large, but they won't eat you! Stick with kitties. Your cats are interesting enough and they can't have you for lunch. : )

  8. Tell that to Dearest. Kirby likes getting up under his chin & chewing on his beard. It makes him very nervous!

  9. I got such a vivid picture of greeting those hungry life loving horses in the morning. You shared that gratitude well my friend.

    and I hope you get a change of scenery, either with a flush of spring, or a vacation. Renewal is good.

  10. Maybe Kirby is trying to trim the beard. ; )

    deb, when the weather warms up it will be easier on all of us. This is a hard place to live!


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