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Monday, April 19, 2010

In a Day

I wanted to check in, so you know I am alive and well.

We've had wonderful weather and have been taking advantage of the gift we've been given, leaving me busy throughout the day and tired in the evening. I don't know why I am continuously surprised that I tire more easily as the years wear on. Somehow it does not seem fair.

There has not been one interesting thing happening in my life on the farm these days. It has been a continuation of the constant; horses, maintenance and refurbishing. And I am happy doing it. The awakening of all things green has given me a much needed lift in attitude and energy. The heat and humidity which is to come will sap me of both soon enough, but for now it is full steam ahead!

So on this lovely day Mark will spread manure, I will be busy holding horses for the farrier, getting all the news fit to pass on, and simply enjoying simplicity. Seems like a good way to pass a day. And it won't be long before these are in bloom.

Enjoy your own day good people.


  1. Thanks Sandra ... and sounds like you intend to do just that too! Can't wait for the peonies.

  2. Isn't it amazing how the warm weather wakes us up too! I can read your renewed vitality and enthusiasm...so wonderful. A new spring...such a gift for all of us. Enjoy your day Sandra. Glad, glad, glad you checked in with us.

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  4. Oh Sandra: I can't abide the heat & humidity! So wearing. I was enjoying our slightly cooler weather & finally being able to get out in the garden but it's raining ~ Again.

    I just find it so amazing reading about your spring. It must be so invigorating after such long hard winters to have sunshine & green.

  5. Sounds like a content lady...enjoying life's blessings.

  6. gsc, it was. I got my sheds cleaned out, a winter's worth of manure. I must say I was quite odiferous!

    Bonnie, The peonies are about a foot out of the ground. Won't be long. : )

    Queen, 73 degrees today!

    Deb, I have a lift of spirit when we emerge from the frozen time. This year is even more so. It's wonderful!

    Ganeida, it really is amazing when you think about it. How quickly we go from frozen to fruitful in such a short period of time. I think the early settlers must have come upon the region in the spring.

    Judy, once in awhile, life is good!

  7. I wish I were closer, I will trade in futures with you: horse manure for some heirloom tomatoes that are very fond of horse manure. That and Borage. No planting tomatoes without Borage.

    Don't you just love our poetic exchanges? But I rather talk about horse manure than all the other manure that is being spread around the country these days and that I swear the tomatoes won't love anymore than I do.

    Gorgeous Peony, ours are beginning to rise from their winter slumber and they are filled with promise.
    Our first safe day for planting is this coming Monday. Nobody will hear from me until all the beds are done. But I will let you know I am alive and well just maybe not cooking, planting and only planting. Have a good week, dear friend.

  8. Ah, you radiate joy.
    It 's infectious, and familiar. Spent many good hours outside today. Dethatched the grass, mulched, pruned.

    life is good.

    love your peony


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