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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dog Days

Yep, this is about it.
Sums up the situation. 


  1. Sorry to hear about the heat. And it's not even August, the true dog days, right? We're freezing here in Los Angeles every morning, relieved by as late as 4:00 sun.

  2. He speaks loud and clear!! It's wicked hot here today.

  3. I agree with Howard! Hotter than 40 hells here and dry as a bone!

  4. we're starting to notice the drying up part now.
    geez, and after such a lush start to things.
    I refuse to spend all day watering,
    the time and the waste of resources,
    but the hydrangeas,the grass, even the trees.

    Hope an end is near.

  5. It may be hot, but that dog is adorable!

  6. The mornings are cool now, but the day heats up. I guess I am a wimp. Howard is as well, but he is very adorable about it. I just whine. : )

  7. Sandra, I have tried to comment on your blog and I can't. The box comes up but I can't type in it. I'll try again, but I wanted you to know.


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