Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


That would be me. Whatever sliver of creative thought, interest in daily happenings, has seemingly been sweated out of my pores.

I do believe I am in the dog days of summer.

There can be no other explanation. I prefer sitting on the veranda in the morning with my coffee to sitting at the computer in my office. Afternoon? Puttering about, doing the necessary tasks of a life being lived. Somehow the effort of using my mind seems more than I can manage, so I fold laundry. In the evening I'm catching a cool breeze on the porch, mindless of anything but the heat.

I'm absent. The gray cells are not snapping. I'm well, but I'm dull. I'll be back when things start to whir again. Right now I have nothing but perspiration.


  1. Welcome, to my world! We lack the humity but an oven is an oven! EVerything outsdie has to be done by 7am or it's not getting done!

  2. I am right there with you. It is so dry and hot here as well. Keeps my motivation level way below what it should be.

  3. I understand that completely! It is 37 Celcius (98.6F)here today and I am trying to write my business plan! no air conditioning!~

  4. gsc, I would not want to live in your oven!

    Jill, I am les than motivated. My mind is shut down and my body is operating on memory.

    Lorac, I have 90F here. Dew points are very high, making it miserable. I an very sorry for people east of here, it is very hot.

    I have central air conditioning, but last year I decided to put my actions behind my words and stop using it. Overall it has not been a problem, although when it is still and humid at night my resolve does waver a little. : ) What I have found is that I handle the heat in general better since I have not been using the air. The shock to my system isn't there. I was at the grocery store this afternoon and when I came outside the hot air hit with a one-two punch. It is much easier to work outside when my temperature stays about the same. An older house with proper cross ventilation and trees shading it also helps.

  5. I found your comments on the air con interesting. I hate the stuff. Overall I find the heat easier to bear if I'm not being maladjusted by air con. Needless to say, we don't have it.

    Hope the old mind is up & at it again shortly. ☺

  6. the heat doesn't bother me too much.
    I think I'm just so thankful that I'm not working outside in it this year.

    I do like the A.C., but try to keep it at a lower( which is higher I guess) setting. We didn't have it for years... I swear I still hear the sound of fans humming to the crickets.

    Hope you get reenergized soon.

  7. I've had days and weeks like that. I go through the motions, but find engaging in anything other than the minimum requirements taxing. I feel stupid, or irrelevent, but I will borrow your description, as dull is kinder. It comes. It goes. It has never stayed for too long yet, but it is a challenge to keep depression at bay when I feel that way. Hope you rebound soon.
    I was away for a week and things around the garden got dry and burned out, which is supposed to happen in August, not July. This season is impatient for some reason. I spent a week in the mountains, where the air was crisp and cool and the scenery lush. I'm still floundering back here in flatlands, with all this access to news and things I don't want to know. Sigh. Hope things cool off for you up there, and the humidity moves along elsewhere.

  8. Ganeida, I was a big user of AC until last year. Imagine my surprise when I found I really did not need to use it! And that I felt better when I didn't use it.

    deb, I always have to work outside, or at least in the barn. I am now listening to the sound of fans humming to the crickets. : ) I think where you live and the design of the house plays a role in how cool the place can be.

    Mel, the description of the time in the mountains.......ah well. The heat slows everything down. The brain and the body. I was languid, therefor I was lounging.

    We are in for a beautiful day today. About 80F and low dew point. It's 66F now and the air is fresh. Yippee!


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