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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Phlox & Phools

Something Pretty
Something Crazy

Polling is showing the majority of Americans believe Barack Obama is a socialist. Never mind he isn't even a liberal.

The US Chamber of Commerce sent President Obama an 'open letter' laying out their plan for economic recovery. Don't be surprised now, but it is tax cuts for wealthy individuals and business, even more than they are enjoying at present, and to stop any regulations that may remain. Haven't we done this already? It's now almost ten years of the Bush tax cuts. We've lost 8 million jobs. Deregulate more? BP, Wall Street, West Virginia mine collapses. Just to name a few little incidents brought on by lack of oversight.

It's hard for an old intellectual progressive to keep the faith.  


  1. It's hard for anyone to keep the failth I think that's all part of the plan.

    I love phlox! I love hillsides covered in creeping phlox!

  2. Your phlox are lovely. The current state of affairs in the USA, not so much. So much ignorance and hatred, I can barely fight off the bitterness, let alone hold on to any faith. These are the dark ages of the soul and mind for many, I fear.

    And where's the poll that shows most Americans don't even understand the definition of socialism? Ignorance and amnesia. Bad combination.

    What really chaps my ass it that I've always proudly considered myself an American Patriot, Constitution loving, freedom loving, balance of power loving citizen, and can trace my Dad's family line to ancestors who fought in the Revolution, who settled here in the 1600's and earned their freedom with 7 years indentured servitude. But now even the term Patriot has been sullied by the ignorant masses and gun nuts. I want to take my country back from those who are think they are trying to take it back. They already had their chance and they're denying any culpability for all this mess. Sigh. I am preaching to the choir, I know. And if I'm sure of anything, it's that there are no easy answers here. I keep waiting for civil war to break out, we're split so firmly down the middle. I really worry about the kids and the country they will inherit. Heavy sigh. Thank goodness for the flowers to distract me.

  3. gsc, I truly believe we are screwed. It makes getting up in the morning a bit tough.

    Mel, how did this country become so ignorant? I have neighbors who are Tea Party people. He has a PhD in chemical engineering, yet they sound surprisingly like the morons toting the signs at those rallies. And overall, they are nice people. So how did this happen?

    I think we will be taking a hard turn to the right in Nov. I do not give this admin and the Dem's in Congress any kind of latitude for this. Corpro-crats, almost all of them.

    We share a similar history through our fathers. Mine's family settled in Rhode Island in the 1600's. I has always made me mad that I am told by mush-for-brains I not a real American.

    I no longer know what to do. So I bury myself in work. And try to enjoy what I have while I still do because I know it's more than possible I will lose it.

  4. Mine settled in Plymouth Conn, and were among the first settlers to arrive in Pennsylvania, and fought the indians, the Pennites and the British for their land and the right to be left alone. Firm believers in religious freedom and education and civic responsibilites. Long line of soldiers, nurses and teachers. So I guess that makes us the bad guys. We have a local oped columnist here who is an ass - environmental engineer who rails against the global warming myth and the democratic administration. Real chip on his shoulder, and an educated guy too. Wonder how he got so narrowminded and angry? I'm surrounded by bigots and Obama haters and thank heaven for the internet so I can talk to people that make sense!
    I agree with you, the pendulum will swing back, more greed and pillaging will ensue, until the next swing. My inner Total Quality Manager just wants to cry at the waste of it all.

  5. The Phlox are magnificent, the Phools are "republicans" in the worse sense of the word. What to do? what you are doing. Trying to find a way to escape this dismal reality by creating a place under the sun where intelligence reigns, intellect is still valuable and wonder, just once in a while lest one goes insane, what happens to reason, to horse sense - I am sure you know plenty about that - and if is there the chance of an ice cube in Hades for us to survive as a country, intact.

    I am so irritated with everyone involved in politics these days, fueled by a twist of my own making when I say that television is the opium of the masses. My dear Grandfather once said that it was a privilege to pay taxes and it took me a long time to understand the real meaning of that. I shouldn't have taken any time at all, I was raised in a den of intellectuals to whom History was the weathervane of the future.

    After 8 miserable years of Bush I prefer not to think about the future. Giving no pass to Obama either, by the way.

    (I hope the weather is behaving where you are and I am not going anywhere, at least I hope not for a while. We have much too much to share for me to go anywhere just yet :)

  6. love the Phlox,
    although I don't grow it as it frustrates me, a tease of glory and mildew.
    I think it's fitting that you chose a plant that can make me think of despair and hope at once.

    kind of like politics. and religion. and people.

  7. You think you have problems? Our duly elected PM just got dismissed by his own party for a dame we didn't elect to the position. Madness. I am going to dance with the phlox under the sun while the world goes to hell in a handbasket. Nothing else *to* do it seems.

  8. Let's bring back the fear of the Red Menace, while we're at it. More tax cuts for the rich? Yeah, sounds like a tea party to me. Phools, one and all.


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