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Sunday, July 11, 2010

How To Enjoy Life

Or at least enjoy a quiet Sunday.
A little grooming in the filtered sunlight.
Flexible for sixteen.
This is how Howard feels after Gracie has run 360's round and round him. 


  1. The life of pets! Love them!

  2. How well loved pets develop BIG personalities! Lovely shots. Terrific pets. Great owner.

  3. I said it before and I will say it again: for my next life I want to be someone's pet. Either yours or mine.
    What I mean is, I think, clear. Yours are just as uptight and demanding as mine are. You can tell by the photos. McKenzie, Aliah and Colette own the home, we do what they tell us to do - as in "time for an ear rub" and so forth - and we happily comply. That is why. Just think never having to answer the phone, the mail, no bills to pay, no politicians to ruin our lives...yeah, a pet my dear. That is what I am going to apply for the next time around.

  4. Missy, I do love my kids.

    Ganeida, they have personality all right. Margaret is a real presence!

    Allegra, if I could be guaranteed a good person for my whole life, I would agree whole heartedly!

  5. I just caught up with your blog...may I say that your photographs are spectacular. Sweet critters...all of them.

  6. I'm with Allegra. I want to come back as a dog!!

    Now I feel the need for a nap.


  7. sigh,
    no kidding.
    My Diesel is well loved, and knows it.

  8. Hi Lori. Thanks for visiting.

    Bonnie, a dog's life with the right people is a pretty nice life. There are lots of doggie naps. : )

    deb, yes. They are important to us.


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