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Monday, July 19, 2010

Photographic Artistry

Back in May my friend the professional photographer asked if she could use my farm for a photo shoot. Of course, I said she could.

I have watched Shelley evolve over the past five years from a photographer into an artist. I think her work is fantastic and I know she has only just begun. Every time I see her work, I see evolution.

Anyway, she has posted photos from this session on her photo blog. Give a look at her blog. It's worth your time. Many of the photos on my sidebar are by Shelley.

Shelley also does training sessions around the country.

Shelley Paulson


  1. Pretty girl and glorious shots. I love the one with the horses and the tentative hand reaching to pet. I left a recipe for Gazpacho on the bite of the Moon. Barry couldn't believe the problems with blogger today. I am locked out of my cooking blog, again, thank you. So there it is, on the Moon one for that reason, go take a look at it. Hugs from here.

  2. What a talent! Great pictures with lots of "feel"

  3. I lOVE all the photos on your blog no matter who took them!!!

  4. went outside with the dog just now,
    and heard crickets.
    thought of you... I am sure you are noticing the changing of the days, the ending of summer already beginning.


  5. wow!! the light was amazing and i love the way she incorporated the horses! beautiful!!


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