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Saturday, July 10, 2010


I made rhubarb sauce a couple of days ago. The last of it to be had.
Can summer really be that advanced that I don't have any more rhubarb? Tomatoes are ripening on the vine, the zucchini are blooming like there is no tomorrow and the air is thick and hot. I guess the answer is yes, it is nearly mid July.  How did that happen? Time is flying by too quickly for my taste. At this rate, I'll be an old crone before I realize it has happened. Those who might say; too late, it's already happened..... I say, shush.

My ever-expanding waistline does not need me making rhubarb sauce because with the sauce comes the vanilla ice cream. I love the combination of the tangy sauce with the smooth, sweet creaminess of the ice cream. A little too much. I have never in my life learned the virtue of moderation. At this stage I believe I never shall.

I took care of my neighbor's sheep and chickens over the 4th of July holiday and today she brought me some barbecue sauce as a gift. It feels like a languid summer day just begging for a rack of ribs on the grill. The arrival of smokey sauce I do believe has sealed the deal. Ribs, salad and ice cream topped with rhubarb sauce. As American as apple pie.


  1. On my way! I'll stop at the dairy and get some freshly churned ice cream!

  2. Since moving to the South I am addicted to barbecue sauce, I will eat it on anything!

  3. My grandmother used to make rhubarb pie! It was her favorite...

  4. Bonnie, any time would be good. Just let me know an hour in advance!

    Gsc, oh please! I haven't had freshly churned ice cream since I left St, Paul.

    Judy, I lived in Georgia. I know what you mean. This was a very mild sauce, not at all heavy. It was perfect for a very hot night.

    Missy, I made strawberry/rhubarb pie on the 4th. Up here in the northland we take our rhubarb very seriously. It does like this climate and we like it back!

  5. I was looking at ours today, finally getting over the deluge and although the leaves have holes big enough to drive a car through it, the stems are gorgeous and nearly ready for rhubarb mousse which I love to distraction.

    Good to see you cooking and tap dancing around the place. Today was beautiful and not too hot around here. I almost forgot for a while how much misery blogger put me through last night. I guess nanny was right, a good memory only remember good things. Amen to that.

  6. Allegra, rhubarb mousse? I think I would like that. I hope your night was better. Spend the day in the garden, it will be good for you.


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