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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Photos, Phones & A Bee

I saw the morning light playing quietly with the rose bushes. I like to try to capture the feeling of the light. It's a difficult thing to do.

This busy bee was buzzing about in All the Rage.

I like the way the light is filtered through the delphiniums onto to the coreopsis.

I am a sucker for lilies.

I have a mind that does not like too much detail. I think I am what is called a 'big picture' type.  Give me what I need to know and don't bog me down with minutia. Or at least what I consider minutia. I want to know how to work it, not how it works.

This is true with photography as well. I will never be a photographer because I don't want to become engrossed in the how. I simply like the doing. I never take hundreds of photos, I am not able to concentrate on anything long enough to do that. Snap, snap...done. This is why I am a taker of pictures and not a photographer.

I don't alter, other than cropping. I am not creating art. I am snapping pictures of a moment in time. Sometimes I get something that astounds me, but I know not to let it go to my head. I point and shoot, I just do it with an SLR.

I don't read manuals. I know there are so many things about my computer and my camera that await me if I would open a manual. But I hate technical reading. My eyes are scanning the page but my mind is going la, la, la, la. It's not that I lack curiosity, it's that I lack curiosity about stuff like that. I am an annoying asker of why about things most people would like me to shut up about. But techno stuff. Gives me a headache.

I hate cell phones and almost never use mine. I have no idea how to retrieve messages. Smart phones, why would I want a phone that knows more than I do? Apps? This is short for Appaloosa to me. I'm hopeless. And I'm OK with it.


  1. I'm with you on most of the technology thing. Occasionally ! edit a picture, but only to crop. Still, you've got a great eye and wonderful subject matter!

    There's an apppy down the street from me, whose registered name is "There's an App for That" ha! there's proably a few of them, now!

  2. lol you sounded like you were writing about me. I am a big picture thinker ~ & quite ok with that. I am also fixated with light: the way it falls, the way it illuminates, the shadows it creates. fascinating. And you already know I obssess over the stuff no~one else is interested in.

  3. Ha Ha, thanks for the laugh. I thought I was the only one. I pick phones and cameras up, figure out what I need to do, and forget about the rest. Manuals, too tedious, and I never ever read more than one or two things I look up in the index. Still don't know what half the icons or functions are on either. La la la indeed. I wish I knew about f-stops and lightning and focal length, but I don't have that kind of time, :) Glad I'm not alone. Thanks for the lovely pics. The while lily is stunning. I love this time of year.

  4. Oh, I hear you loud and clear.
    I like the little pictures in words and writing... but no tech stuff. At all.
    I'm getting left behind and it's not going to change. I try to get excited about my kids latest gadgets, or the new tv for the basement. I last about 5 minutes. Can't do it. The manuals are like math codes or puzzles. I don't have a brain for that, nor do I feel it's worth my time.
    My camera is a DSRL , and I play with the pics in Picnik , which is easy peasy. No tech language. Just lighten, darken, soften, etc.
    I keep trying to learn how to actually use aperature and fstops and I am get so flustered.
    And then I have to get my reading glasses,. :)
    Same with the cell phone. To text , I'd have to get my glasses, and why bother.

    love to you, and you 've captured and shared the light beautifully.


  5. gsc, I can only imagine how many Appy owners have thought about that name! Having subject matter is a big help.

    Ganeida, do you mean to tell me not everyone is interested in Celtic warriors? : O

    Mel, don't you often feel alone? The one thing I do enjoy is the fact a good camera makes me sometimes look as if I know what I am doing!

    deb, you too? I have never sent nor received a text message. no one knows my cell number because I don't want anyone calling me on that phone!

  6. Want to know a secret? I don't know the number for my iPhone. Barry gave me his old one when mine was stolen and I never bothered to find out the number. Texting? unless I have a big keyboard I am not about to spend two seconds figuring out those tiny keys and driving myself crazy.

    Camera? I guess there are like 3 or 4 around here - I am not the geek - and after four years I learned by mistake to use the one I like best. If I don't have my glasses on everything goes out of focus when using the manual setting. Otherwise, the others gather dust in my Studio.

    Now, if there was an automatic way of weeding the garden that would be another story. For that I would even read the manual. I mean it.

    Love the shots. The weather is lousy here, so what is new. Other than that the play was fine.

    Mrs. Lincoln

  7. So where are you? I hope enjoying the sunshine and healthy and well and happy and...absent.

    Just say "I am fine" and I will stop bothering you. I don't need to worry about anything, right?

  8. Hello Mrs. Lincoln. : ) I am fine, just hot and feeling a bit dim. I'll perk up when the humidity stops being tropical.


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