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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just A Drop

I think this is a hummingbird cup.


  1. I'll drink to that! An absolutely lovely shot. Lovely.

  2. hmmm...there was some flower I used to grow back east called something similar... I wonder what it was and what it looked like...

    nice catch!

  3. The flat leaves of the nasturtiums (sp?) make wonderful supports for 'just a drop'!

  4. I was thinking nasturtiums too! Great eye Sandra. You do have a knack for seeing the beautiful in the ordinary. I had the opportunity to watch a hummingbird take a bath on a flagstone last week. It had the tiniest of puddles, and the bird splished and splashed and had a wonderful time in it. And, no my Siberian iris did not bloom, I think I've got it planted in too wet of a spot...will transplant this fall.

  5. Oh.My.
    What a great picture!

  6. Allegra, thanks! I have nasturtiums bordering the sidewalk and this caught my eye as I walked by.

    gsc, you are funny! You'll remember one day....

    Bonnie, it held the water perfectly.

    Deb, I've never seen a hummingbird be still, so that must have been a sight. My siberian iris aren't blooming either.

    Thank you Sandra.

  7. Ok, they are called Fairy cups, that much I remember...when I talk to my sister I'll get the name of the plant


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