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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two Julies

We had a big day at the farm on Sunday. In a cloud of dust, coming from the east up the gravel road came the Danes and the Northern Minnesotans. A flurry of activity and children, and there they all were! Strangers and yet, strangely, friends. 

I was a little flustered, as I am prone to be, but tried to keep my composure as I invited my company in. After a short period of feeling awkward, I found that these people felt like long time friends to me. Before long conversation was flowing and a good time was had.

I also met the best behaved children I have encountered in some little while. And a father who acts as a jungle jim for his delightful daughter! He is very well trained. 

So we had a little picnic lunch, a bit of lemonade and sangria and friendly conversation. I learned that the trees aren't as tall in Denmark. This is due to how the glaciers came through and the type of soil they deposited is not as fertile. That the Danish child did not know what an eagle is. Yes, one of the immature eagles made a fly-by just for them. I learned that Bemidji has a thriving arts community. I learned that strangers can become friends in about fifteen minutes.

I also learned that a grill can become a makeshift buffet table. I think this might be considered a redneck version of a serving table.

We had perfect weather, perfect children and a dog that was beside himself. Howard has never seen children. Really. He wore himself out with his joy over the mini version of two-leggers! He wiggled off about two pounds I think. Grace took one look at that crowd and promptly took herself off to my bed and stayed there. Not one for company, that one.

The horses were admired, although mostly from a distance. Zing showed everyone he knows his name. Bounce showed off his regrown hair and Topper pushed his way to the gate for a nice scratch. All the geldings admired the small ones, as they also are not over familiar with wee people.

This is a memory I am more than glad I got to make. Due to my self-imposed restrictions my life can be limited to my farm and the narrow scope of community surrounding it. For one day it was a wonderful thing to open the window a bit and let in a new experience; one filled with laughter and children.

Anyone else thinking they want to make a trip to Minnesota? I can open that window a little wider.


  1. I'm so glad everyone enjoyed themselves, but not at all surprised!

  2. Well I just love everything about this.
    The way you weaved us into what what was certainly a gift for now IRL friends, and you,
    and us.

    I had to cancel a get together with two blog loves a couple of weeks ago, but something will work out soon.

    and I'm in the planning stages of going on a photo walk with another . We just realized we lived only a block away from each other years ago. Like , a lot of years.

    I would love to meet all of you.


    who knew ?

  3. I'm on my way!

    So glad it was such an enjoyable time for you and even all the four-footed members of your family!

  4. Your words weave a beautiful story. It sounds like you had a very enjoyable day.I am glad all the four legged creatures where on their best behavior. I must say I have never seen such a clean grill....do you ever use it? LOL!

  5. I'm so glad you had a great time. I suffer from social awkwardness too, and struggle to settle down, relax and have fun when I am hostessing, and that's with people I've known forever. New people, even more exciting and nervousmaking for me. It looks like you did it perfectly.
    It's good to widen the scope sometimes, isn't it?
    I'd love to visit up north, maybe someday we'll bridge the gap. I'd be delighted to have you visit me as well.

  6. gsc, if you venture this way on you trip east, I'll gladly say "Come on in!"

    deb, what a great thing to realize someone you have met online lived so close. It will be fun to walk about together. Canada....Minnesota, how far away can you be!

    Bonnie, I'll leave the light on. : )

    Judy, everyone and thing behaved. I use the grill, I made portabella mushrooms and center cut loin chops last night and boneless chicken breast at lunch. It's under a roof, so it stays clean!

    Elizabeth, I'll leave the light on for you as well. : )

    Mel, If I could get away from the farm I would come down. I would.

  7. Who can tell what the future may bring? I was there some years ago in winter of course and I froze my buns which is better than burning them, but still.
    I would love to reverse the invitation and I would cook for you and we could sit outside and talk until we are hoarse and drink and share and blow the windows off. I felt the same way as you did when I first met some of my blogging peeps and they have become near and dear. Friendships that will last the rest of my life.
    By the way, I am cautiously back.
    But I am here.

  8. How wonderful. My mother and sisters are in Finland, being treated royally. It sounds as if your guests had the same luxury. I can just imagine Howard's enthusiasm with people who are closer to his level!

  9. i've said it once, I'll say it again: I am jealous. I so wish I could land on yor door step.

  10. Allegra, my heart skipped a beat when I saw your name. I only recently realized you were ill and have been worried about you. I'm so glad you are able to get out of bed a bit. As much as I love to hear from you I want you to take it slow and easy. If I could get to Portland, you would find me at your doorstep, appetite at the ready! And can I talk.

    Jean, I saw the photos of the trip. What an opportunity for them. I don't think they got the royal treatment. I forgot to finish the pasta salad and realized it when I ate my first forkful. I forgot. Oh my.

    Ganeida, you land here I may not let you leave. : ) The Celts, the talk of the Celts........

  11. I could not have stated it better- how perfectly said! We had a blast - my attention is always diverted with the kids but did truly enjoy myself. My favorite part was the breeze off the back field while we looked over the horses- beauty at it's best!

    thank you so much for hosting and providing us the place to make such memories. the smile on the girl's faces was all I needed and that was multiplied many times over.

  12. Sandra: Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm so happy to find you. When I took our first dalmatian (20 years ago) for obedience training, the instructor also boarded horses. She took Cooper to the pasture, unleashed him and, much to my horror, turned him out with the horses. To my amazement, he fell into step with one lovely horse and they ran around the pasture together with Cooper almost touching the horse's back leg as they ran. It was a sight to behold!!

    Looking forward to spending more time with you.


  13. Jules, I don't think you need worry about your children. They are so well-mannered I think you can relax just a little. : ) I was happy to have everyone out to the farm.

    Bonnie, I'll come back to visit soon. Your new dog is very adorable. I wonder why the dog trainer turned the dog loose in the pasture? There must have been a reason.

  14. Wow! I have been out of touch...How cool you ladies all got together. Fun! Wish I could have been there! Just had to call Jules to get details....


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