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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Dog's Best Friend

This lucky dog found one in gsc.

One of my blogging buddies has worked for several months bringing this abandoned/lost dog around. He was living a feral life in the desert and he made his way into her sight. She has done a tremendous, labor intensive job of bringing him back to his domestic roots.

She would love to keep him but her circumstances won't allow it to be, so she is trying to find him a suitable home that is able to handle his remaining quirks. I am a hopeless rescuer of dogs myself, so I know how this is for her. One would think my farm would be a good home for him, but some of his issues make that not possible. I have found anxious dogs and horses don't work well together. My deeply troubled Atlas taught me that.

I volunteered to help her spread the word about this lovely, loving dog in hopes that someone looking in here may have the desire to give him a home. Or know someone who may.

Below is gsc's description of Alfy. I had links to his story, but they didn't work. You can find the blog and look at his story here.

The Berner (now known as "http://giantspeckledchihuahua.blogspot.com/2010/05/berner-report-aka-alphonso-bernard.html">Alphonso Bernard Jacob Scout Billy Bob Berner)is/was a semi-feral dog trying to survive in the Mohave Desert. If you're a new visitor to our blog, the Berner's story can be read in the posts listed, in chronological order, below. Updates are posted on Saturday.
If you are interested in adopting this handsome boy please check out  "http://www.petfinder.com/after-pet-adoption/pledge-dog-adopters.html">Petfinder's "New Dog Adopter's" Pledge. This is the home Alfy deserves. He will come to you house trained, crate trained, vet checked, neutered, up to date on his vaccinations and micro-chipped. Alfy will bring his crate, his bed, favorite toys and some food with him. Vet references will be required. A home-check is a possibility. Because of his wander lust a fenced yard is probably necessary. Distance may not be a problem. I'll be traveling east in the not too distant future. I have also had offers for transport help, when the time comes.
It's important to remember that Alf was surviving on his own, in the desert, for an unknown period of time.  These circumstances result in issues that some people may not wish to deal with. A home experienced in handling rescued dogs, will probably be best.  Some of his known issues include seperation anxiety, claustrophbia, chasing small animals and riding in the car.  We are working with these issues and seeing improvement. We have no idea how he relates with children.


  1. Thanks, Sandra! He looks even better on your blog, than he does on Stumpy's!

  2. I think I'm a little too far east & not fenced with small furry animals but I do hope he finds a good home.

  3. Oh Sandra he is so handsome! I hope he will find a wonderful home soon.

  4. I hope he finds a home too. She has worked so hard to get him where he is.


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