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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rain & Such

Mother Nature is bestowing us with her blessings. We are having a beautiful light rain. The kind the ground can breathe in and savor. A day that allows me to slow down, sit down and cogitate.

I like rainy days, when they are not monsoons. I do the basic care of the horses, leaving the barn work for another day. It's like a small vacation day for me.  We take our gratitudes where we find them. I find them in days where the horses are tucked into their stalls, happily munching the abundance of hay I treat them with while they count their blessings. They are warm and dry and well-fed. I am the one who gets wet.

Today I will do the mundane. The day-to-day tasks of a life that are harder for me to get to than they should be. The trip to the grocery store and bank. A stop at the wine store. Perhaps the little nursery in Mound. Nothing special. Not exciting, but on a day such as this it is easier and therefore appreciated for what it is worth.

Tomorrow will be dry, sunny and warm. The mosquitoes will be out in force and life will resume its' buzz, but today I will enjoy the peace, the quiet that the soft rain brings. I'll do my shopping, my everyday living without the nagging in the back of my mind that I need to be doing something else. Of course I do, but today I don't think I care.


  1. The only sort of weather that I really miss living in southern California is exactly what you've described -- that soft, nourishing rain. Ah, well -- back to dry, sunny skies.

  2. I can't remember the last time I felt the rain on my face, but I am looking forward to it!

    When I was back east I loved being the only one on the beach on the days similar to what you describe. Well, not the only one; Ithe dogs accompanied me, of course.

  3. ...rainy days and Sundays...never get me down, because they are often days where I get to do some of the things I most savor.

    It's hard not to care about the tasks waiting in the wings, but soooo gooooood when we can manage it.

    Have a good one Sandra. I'll stop by about 4:30 for a glass of wine and a lazy chat. You'll be back and have opened a bottle by then, right? :-)

  4. I wish I could come and join you. Here the sun came in yesterday after weeks of rain, the side garden looks as if were January, most of the roses cut down to knee high and Matthew clean up all the debris left behind by the blackspot.

    Some peonies are still standing, Veilchenblau who defies reason - she grows to extraordinary heights and I will take some photos to show a rose that last summer put out more than a thousand blooms, we stopped counting after a thousand and never gets sick or tired of doing it - she is about to burst into bloom so there is a small comfort to be found but still...I would truly enjoy a day of mundane comings and goings. I hope you enjoy yours.

  5. Elizabeth, I lived in San Diego when I was a child. I remember the wet winter and dry summer. I also remember the olive tree right in our yard. And open walled schools.

    gsc, sometimes I feel as if I am taunting you, showing you the things you are accustomed to but don't have in dirtville. I feel torn; I want you to keep the berner, but I know you want to hit the road.

    Bonnie, I got home for lunch. Herbed focaccia, cream cheese and tapenade. A small glass of petit syrah and all was good! I almost felt like someone who didn't deal in manure. : )

    Allegra, I'm so happy the peonies are doing their job for you. I still have them blooming. The one in the photo is one I added to the bunch, 'Charlie's White'. Now I need to know about Veilchenblau and if I can grow it. You are a bad influence, really. You are. I'm so glad!

  6. Sometimes there is comfort in the mundane. I love the description of the horses in the barn...it sounds so cozy!

  7. I could actually felt you slowing down from this post when I went through it. I hope your day turned out to be even better than you'd hoped for:))

  8. We're having exactly that kind of day here today, too. Cool, with a day-long gentle, soaking rain. It seems like years since we've had a rain like this. It's beautiful.

    Your description about just enjoying the mundane every-day tasks hit me close to home, as well. I can't seem to just enjoy what I'm doing, unless I make a conscious effort. Worries and plans and all the other things that I need to do always seem to intrude, if I'm not careful.

    You are very wise to be focusing on the simple pleasures of NOW.

  9. I like rainy days too ~ all sorts of rain.

    I also think you & I & all our ilk have minds that prioritise differently & fail to give due weight to the necessary & mundane tasks of life. Just put it down to marching to a different drummer & enjoy the ride. ☺

  10. Oh no! You have the nagger in your head too! Busy busy busy, must be busy! It's getting a little easier for me to silence the nag each year...you too?

  11. Judy, I keep waiting to read you have bought a horse!

    Sandra, other than my errands and feeding/watering horses I didn't do a thing. It was a good day.

    Angela, I think getting to an age where there is definitely more behind you than in front of you makes a person consider. At least it is for me.

    Thanks Ganeida. Maybe I should give it a try!

    Deb, yes indeed.


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