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Sunday, September 21, 2008


I bought Howard a new bed for the kitchen and Bill decided it's just right! My old Bill just keeps ticking and I'm so glad. He can't hear well, but he never listened anyway, so what's the difference. : ) His hips are bad, but he manages to propel himself along and he comes to the barn everyday now that the humidity has dropped. He has congestive heart failure, so the hot, humid weather is very hard on him. He is my barn manager and he is happy to be able to be back on the job of managing. He's sorely disappointed in me because he wanted an assistant to train in so he could be semi-retired and I went and got a useless Basset Hound instead of a Yellow Lab, WHAT WAS I THINKING? Totally disgusted, he carries on, and little does he know I knew all along Howard would be useless. But, I don't want my boy to retire, so I got a replacement that would cause him to stay with us a little longer. Howard lost his bed, though.

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