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Monday, September 29, 2008

End Of A Not So Bountiful Season

The growing season is coming to an end in Minnesota. We had a poor year since it was so dry this year. My tomato plants NOW have lots of tomatoes on them and the pepper plants are loaded with buds, but frost is just around the corner. Oh well, maybe next year; I plan to put in a larger vegetable and herb garden next spring.
I was slow to get to the apple tree, so most of the apples are laying on the ground, but I got half a paper grocery bag full. I have some slicing and freezing to do.


  1. Hopefully the frost will hold out just long enough...
    We are getting some buds on our tomato plants and I hope we get some little tomatoes soon!


  2. Sadly MN is a cold climate, so we don't have a chance at a reprieve from frost. You probably know a lot about the Pampas and how close it is to Antarctica. We don't have a chance!
    On the other hand, you probably have a good chance your tomatoes will produce very well. South of the equator will sound good to me real soon. : )


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