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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

That Was Then, This Is Now

This was me in Sept. 1991 with Shaka when we were at St. Croix Equestrian in Hudson WI. We both had color to our hair then, now we are both grey! We both have arthritis, but he didn't get fat. : ) The farrier was here today and Shaka was on the list. The old man needs bute to get his feet trimmed and his left leg still needs to be done like a pony, but he is a trooper who gives his best. He is and will always be my 'Prince of Horses' and the best and worst horse I have or ever will have!

This me in August 2008 with Ari at a fun day in River Falls WI. Seventeen years later and another grey horse and once again in WI! I also squeezed into breeches that are almost seventeen years old, and squeezed is an understatement! What I really miss when looking at the old photos is my dark hair. I don't like being grey, but I don't want to be blond and it is my only other choice. I tried having my hair colored dark as I was going grey and it is a maintenance nightmare. I would take my dark hair back over my thin body. I do love my grey horses though. So, of course most of my horses are bay. : )


  1. I really enjoy your then and now pics. Your 'now' pic with Shaka is so beautiful you look radiantly happy : )
    I am no horse expert, but Shaka really is lovely and graceful.


  2. The now photo is with my Lipizzan/Arabian cross Ari. The first is with my beloved Shaka. But you got it right, Shaka is lovely and graceful. Shaka is in several older posts about the stallion Topper. He is an old man now, but in his day he was the most talented horse I will ever have owned, as well as the worst horse. This shows my perverse nature because I love him to distraction.

    As far as looking happy, I stopped riding in 1999 for no particular reason. That photo was taken on a day when I decided to haul a horse that I had never ridden to to River Falls, WI to ride in an open field with a bunch of people. most of whom I didn't know. I'm smiling because I stayed on!


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