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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Big Time on the Town

Where we went.
The Guthrie Theatre

Who we went to see. Shawn Phillips. Those who have followed this for awhile know I am an old hippy and an old fan of his. He has a following still and he likes to come to Minnesota. And we like him to visit. He is a nice man and a great musician. Spending a couple of hours in a venue like the Guthrie with him was a pleasure indeed.

Dinner was good. The fine dining restaurant, Cue, isn't open on Mondays, but we ate at Level Five and we got to see my son. It's different seeing him in his white coat! The food was good, the wine was really good and the concert afterward was fun. Mark isn't the same fan as I am, but he enjoyed himself just the same. When I was doing what I was doing forty years ago, he was doing things with slide rules and trapezoids, so he is to be forgiven.

Shawn is 66 and can still sing and he can play the guitar like not too many people have ever been able to do. He's funny and normal and he still talks and walks like a Texan.

It was surreal though. The audience got a little rowdy at times, so when the lights came on and you're looking at a sea of geriatrics, it was unsettling. Of course, I'm not one of the 'old' people! There were a few young faces, but Mark thinks grandma probably forced them to come along. Now, now.


  1. sweet - you are young, your body just keeps aging that is all

  2. My dear, that's enough! Believe the saying "The spirits willing, but the body's weak". I have plenty of spirit, but that damn body just can't keep up. : )

  3. A reincarnated hippie, eh? Doubt it...but it sounds like a good time was had by all...even Mark!

  4. How fun! So wonderful that he is still performing and you got to be there to see him.

  5. lol, I keep forgetting the body can no longer keep up with the mind. Makes for some interesting woopsies!

  6. The hippy part has changed, but I am still that '60's radical at heart. I'd be ready for a good sit-down strike at a moments notice. The problem is, I don't think I could get down there and I know I'd never get back up!

    He is a young 66. I have something to aspire to.

  7. A true Texan! Lucky You!! Sounds like a great night, glad you had fun.

  8. jeeeeezo!!!! Shawn Phillips!!!! I am absolutely GREEN with envy!!!! DAAAAANG!!!! I moved a year and a half ago and my music still hasn't made it here. I miss my Shawn Phillips cd's!!! I want details!!! Shawn Phillips...dang...

  9. Someone who knows who he is. I am amazed! He's a very genuine person and a little shy. He sang some of the signatures and told a story about why he had stopped singing one of them for years. He fell asleep during the song! He said if you are going to sleep during a tune it's time to stop singing it. : ) He still sounds the same, basically. He lives in South Africa, so coming to the states is quite a haul. He comes to MN with some degree of regularity.

  10. I could never figure that deep Texan accent and the voice with which he sang. And his guitar, he was one that could make that instrument sing... and that hair ... oh my gawd that hair.

    I was/am sure he wrote "Woman" for me. I have been singing it since yesterday when I read your post. My poor dog.

    "The glow
    Around your face
    When you see
    The lightning race
    I know
    I'm very near
    And I can hear
    The thunder...."

  11. Still has the hair. His mustache is white, but he still blondish. I always thought Woman was written for me. I did a blog post about him a few months ago and revealed I would have followed him anywhere, back in the day. He was so pretty. : ) He can still make a guitar do what he wants it to do. He has great disgust for the record industry and has been marketing himself for a long time. youtube has been his friend.


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