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Friday, May 1, 2009

Comfort & Ease (& a little soup)

  Gratitude: A lively sense of future benefit.
A French Definition

I had a melancholy, but productive day on Thursday. I did a lot of laundry, removed much dog hair, took care of my horses basic needs and played with Howard and Grace.

The repair technician came out in the early evening so I finally got my satellite service back. Happy day. I don't watch much TV, but I have satellite because I want to watch it when the spirit moves.

Mark plays tennis on Thursday evenings, so it was me, the dogs and Margaret the cat. I didn't want to cook, I didn't want to go buy something to eat, but I was hungry. I had a large leek, potatoes, chicken broth and milk, as well as half & half. I made potato leek soup and baking powder biscuits. Hardly cooking, just a little assembling.

I had my food, a glass of chard and I watched Glory on TCM. A good evening. Life has been better, but it surely has been worse. Sometimes it's the small things that made you notice.


  1. Sound just yummy! Sometimes a little comfort food is all we need.

  2. Your assemblage sounds pretty good to me. Funny the difference in comfort food...we all need some of those nights to just relax and do absolutely nothing.

  3. I was glad to sit quietly and watch TV.


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