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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Life's Final Sunset

I received word this morning that an old adversary from an internet forum died at age 58. This man and I did not get along, to the point of my leaving that forum as a member. Strange how one can feel such dislike of a person never met.

I know several people who knew him and it seems we had something in common; people either really liked him, or not so much. We had a couple of other things in common, age and horses. And opinions. And this is where we butted heads. Opinions.

I understand he died in his sleep. Hardly seems fitting for such a crusty person to slip away quietly. I would have expected he would go telling everyone around him they didn't know what they were doing. Aggravating all around him to the end. But he exited with peace.  And I am sorry. I never met him and I did not like him. And I'm sorry he is gone. Like him or not, he was a presence, a real person behind a computer screen with a family and years that he should have had in front of him.


  1. that is terribly young to go down... usually the fiesty ones stick around to make our lives miserable for years to come ;)

    Still, you are right. Everyone is someone's child and most have other families too.

  2. In his favor, he loved his bulldog, and his family. He truly seemed to like children. It's disquieting that he died so young.

  3. Each day is a gift. None of us knows how many of them we have left. My nephew is dating now. His dad never lived to see the sort of man his son became, the girl he loves, the path he chose in life. It's sad.

  4. It is sad that someone that young has passed on. And you are right about him being important to other people. Perhaps the adage that he couldn't please all the people all the time so perhaps chose to please only those close to him.

  5. How very true, each day is a gift. Your nephew doesn't have his father, but he has you and the whole extended family. Another gift.

    Alicia, I believe you are right.

  6. Sandra, you are so right. I could imagine Glenn would have been a crotchety old man in a nursing home, who would have been less than pleasant. At any rate, 58 is far too young to die and especially 58 is too young to die considering the ages we are at! But obviously, it was his time.

  7. Well I am truly shocked. I have known Glenn almost 15 years. He always worked hard - has never been the type to sit around. I would have guessed him to go much much later. He was way too young.

    He definitely had a way of rubbing on people. I have only ever known the soft side of him - but I have seen the curmudgeon come out.

    My favorite thing about Glenn was visiting with him for lunch or out at his place. A person could talk the day away with him. Three hours could go by and it would feel like 30 minutes.

  8. I think it a little funny how we perceive people. I wonder sometime if we world think differently if we met them face to face and saw them in other environments. Unfortunately we get on with some people better than others. Even though you didn’t like the man you must have some respect to post this little piece.

  9. I had years of disagreement, frustration and downright bafflement with him via an internet forum centered around horses. I feel I know him because of the years involved. I finally could not take him anymore and left the forum. He had some points that I can say I respected. It was obvious he loved his children, grandchildren and his dog. I know many people liked him, at least a little. I am sorry he died and I am sorry for everyone his death deeply touches.

    One person's grumpy old man is another person's pain in the ass jerk. That's just the way it is.


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